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The judicial ruling on the Kashmir communications block has hardly struck a blow for the doctrine of proportionality

So Congress though not in power was responsible. Nice logic.

2020 is likely to be even better for Gold than 2019.

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@jytkoul  @CJayakrishnancpA  @NagarNks  @acjoshi  far as I know a MHA is permanent & MHA was functioning under VP Singh Govt & Jagmohan was appointed at BJP's insistence. You people have been lying for years blaming Congress 4 no reason other than partisan politics. Get outta my face.

For which the Congress, then in the opposition, was responsible?

Shapoorji Pallonji to sell power project in Bangladesh, cut debt Smart decision. A power plant is basically a debt annuity. Better to sell after building & stabilising one.

Future Group scales down e-commerce operations, fires employees

Businesses are scaling down plans in SUNRISE sectors and firing employees. This should shock policy makers out of their stupor.

The Minister with Foot-Firmly-in-the-Mouth disease. The genius will represent India at 2020 Davos.


“Narendra Modi will be a disaster for India”: former PM Dr Manmohan Singh long log ago. The sage was right. On pre-2015 basis, the economy is now growing around 2.5% pa.

#RSS is the giant squid in the room that nobody cares 2 talk about. Its financing is unknown, it holds no internal elections, does not admit women and is accountable to no Govt. It claims to be a cultural organization, but is in the thick of politics, a state within a state.

You hired a Chowkidar to guard your home. Now the Chowkidar says in order for him to guard your home you must [1] Prove the home you live in belongs to you. [2] That every member of your home is legitimately your relation. Else you/member will be evicted. #CAA-NRC 

“Loyalty to country always. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.” — Mark Twain.

"How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think." Hitler, Adolf. #ISupportDeepika  That’s what your leaders actually thinks of your mental capacity.

#2GScam was a crude fraud played on a gullible public by a Constitutional authority like CAG headed by Vinod Rai & amplified by RSS/BJP propaganda machinery. It derailed the economy. We will never know the true cost paid by the economy for this chicanery.

Modi sarkar has already collected 2.18 trillion as education cess that is lying un-utilised while it claims it has no money for JNU students’ fees & hostel expenses. . Over Rs 2.18-lakh cr cess collected by govt remains unutilised: CAG report