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“A Bunch of Ghouls” — Arnab Go Go Smarmy.

@kaushikcbasu  He never built one b/c he thought it was inevitable law of dialectic materialism, and continued in that belief long after evidence told him there was no such inevitability about his law.

When have we failed to blame and shame women victims of fraud or worse? The savagery is in our DNA because we are too pusillanimous in our ability to defend the victims. So in compensation, we turn on them blaming them 4 the crime, to redeem our own guilt. That’s our culture.

I have always said for our ultra-patriotic nationalists, partisan politics trumps national interest even in matters of national security. They have just proved me right.

This turgid piece, by an equally turgid mind, is something unique, & needs to taken seriously b/c its logic represents is the thin edge of the wedge that might derail our democracy. I have tried to nail the issue in the slides that follow. Do read 1/n

Gloating over dead soldiers because it will ensure the victory of you patron saint & Messiah in an election is ghoulish.

I could not believe my eyes, when I read a letter penned by a group of 200 eminent citizens, who had come together to defend the Bhist’s “Love Jihad” ordinance, & criticise the OCG, whose interventions on public issues, @thegladfly16  often tweets, & I read with delight. 1/n

Now that Arnab Go Go Smarmy has exposed the farce of superior nationalism & patriotism that is often claimed as cloak of justification for what is actually common prejudice, you will see how this madness can grip even the best of minds. Do their letter my comments together.

“Fascism is a state of the soul. In fact, it does not require from its proselytised followers more than the exaggeration of certain patriotic and racial prejudices that all people have.” Jorge Luis Borges. The line between prejudice and fascism is extremely thin.


#RSS is the giant squid in the room that nobody cares 2 talk about. Its financing is unknown, it holds no internal elections, does not admit women and is accountable to no Govt. It claims to be a cultural organization, but is in the thick of politics, a state within a state.

Modi will go down in history as the man who destroyed the India growth story.

You hired a Chowkidar to guard your home. Now the Chowkidar says in order for him to guard your home you must [1] Prove the home you live in belongs to you. [2] That every member of your home is legitimately your relation. Else you/member will be evicted. #CAA-NRC 

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day to India’s Brightest & Best economic reformers who demonstrated that it was possible to grow the economy and lift 140 million people above the poverty line. Fools, knaves & idiots couldn’t see the miracle he wrought.

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“Loyalty to country always. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.” — Mark Twain.

BOOOM. The officer said Singh was posted across Kashmir on counter-insurgency duty. “He was DySP DR in Pulwama too,’’ the officer said. “He can open a can of worms once he starts talking”.