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Seth Moulton

Seth Moulton

Father, husband, Marine, Congressman. It's time for a new generation of leadership: @serve_america ??

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Celebrating our Constitutional freedoms at Salem#Pride  Parade. We won’t let the Supreme Court take our rights away!

After today's decision on government-mandated pregnancies, we need to see the plan for the additional unwanted children. #RoeVWade 

This is the beginning of a long fight ahead. It's time to march peacefully, organize relentlessly, and vote like our freedom depends on it - because it does. #RoeVsWade 

The #RightToChoose  is now about the elections in November. And the elections are about the #RightToChoose . @serve_america  and I will do everything we can to elect pro-choice patriotic public officials.

We must fight back. All patriotic Americans must vote like our freedoms depend on it -- because they do!

@Kyrouz  @serve_americaI  agree. But, until we elect more senators who share our values, we can't do any of the other stuff. Remember: we were only 2 Senate votes short of eliminating the filibuster ....

Listen to @wbznewsradio  tonight after 8PM when I will talk with @WBZNightside  about #ElectionDay  matters. Dan Rea knows Massachusetts politics inside and out so we’re sure to have a good conversation. 📻

As one of the only Members of Congress with a degree in Physics, and at the risk of being too technical: this is a BFD.* *Big Fusion Deal More details:


As the Representative of Salem, MA, I can confirm that this is false.

Just so everyone knows, these are the states - including Massachusetts - that had one of their gun laws overturned today.

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Just came out of the House briefing by the Deputy AG. It renewed my confidence that we should have no confidence in this Administration.

I left the #SOTU  after Trump—a draft dodger who has mocked Sen. John McCain, Gold Star families, and soldiers with traumatic brain injury—started talking about the good he has done for our military.

I was just stopped by the older gentleman collecting our office trash: “Excuse me, Sir. Did they pass the vote?” “No, they did not. I’m sorry, Sir,” I said. “Then I need to stop working by midnight,” he said anxiously, “so I need to hurry to finish.”

Trump has never put his life on the line for America. This Iraqi did for 10 years. Troops will die for Trump's ban.

Ahmad lost both arms and three siblings when Assad bombed his refugee camp. He came to the US legally, and wants to be a doctor. #MuslimBan 

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Nazis rallied & murdered a woman on US soil...and then @POTUS  pardons Arpaio, who bragged about his "concentration camp" full of minorities.

I’ve lost count of # of times Congress has voted to make abortion illegal, but we can’t even DEBATE basic gun reform, right @SpeakerRyan ?

Republicans have put forth two major pieces of legislation this year: 1. A healthcare bill that takes away healthcare 2. A “middle class tax cut” that raises taxes on the middle class We’re coming for you in 2018, .