Indo-Pacific Support / United America

The U.S. and our allies must signal unity whether it be in #Ukraine  or the Indo-Pacific. Support for freedom-loving countries is critical to the national security of the United States and we must show that America is a beacon of strength for the free world.

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Indo-Pacific Support / United America

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Most Americans - including educated, informed Americans; including people working in politics and the media - still don’t understand how close we are to fully losing our democracy in the next year or two.

Overturning Roe, rewriting both the First and Second Amendments, and strangling government’s ability to combat climate change, all in one week, is basically the Court saying to Congress, “Get out of the way, we are in charge of the country now”. Just a stunning turn of events.

Our first job is to educate the public about this anti-democratic power grab and how radical the Court’s political agenda is. Then we need to focus on the elections. And win enough seats to be in a position to save democracy from these politicians disguised as justices.

‘It can’t happen here’ is still the instinctive response, internally and externally, even as it is happening here in full public view. The Republicans have just numbed us to it and exploited the average American’s unthinking faith in institutions and norms.

NEW FBI subpoenas Trump-related records from Arizona Senate President Karen Fann & Sen. Kelly Townsend. Fann initiated partisan election review. Told constituents she had several contacts w Giuliani & call from Trump.

Shrieking against “treachery,” Hitler launched executions of rivals and opponents to eliminate challenges to his dictatorship, in “Night of the Long Knives,” tonight 1934:

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“The people voted to have a choice, the people should have a choice… let’s bring it on and have a referendum” The SNP’s@AngusRobertson  believes it’s a matter of democracy that the people of Scotland should be able to vote in an independence referendum. #bbcqt 

@ZelenskyyUa  @Europe2022FRDear  Volodymyr, over the last few months we have been working together for the return of peace on our continent. We support and will continue to support Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. As Europeans, we will always stand by your side.

“In 2014 I was a yes voter and my English husband voted no - 2023, I’m a yes voter again and guess what my husband is going to be voting?” This #bbcqt  audience member outlines why she believes pro-union voters have changed their minds on independence, adding “bring it on”.

Chris Pincher ‘groping’ resignation shows Tories are ‘mired in sleaze’, says Rayner ⚠️