Rob Portman

Rob Portman

United States Senator from the Buckeye State.

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I am pleased that the EU granted #Ukraine  candidate status this week. The #Ukrainian  people are brave, resilient, and committed to freedom and democracy. Not even Russia’s brutal war can stop that.

#COVID19 has shown us the fed govt is not prepared for all of the deadly risks that may arise. That’s why earlier this week I introduced a bipartisan bill to help ensure the federal govt prepares & plans for these low probability, yet high impact risks.

Great news: in 2021, led by Cuyahoga Valley Natl Park, #Ohio ’s national parks welcomed 2.8 million park visitors, supported nearly 1,000 jobs, and had an economic benefit of more than $100 million.

My Restore Our Parks Act, which was signed into law in 2020, has already provided more than $50 million to help address the serious deferred maintenance backlog at #Ohio  ’s national parks.

Tackling the maintenance needs at our national park sites is critical to allowing them to continue to benefit our communities and economies, both now and into the future.

This is an astounding amount of fentanyl and is one more example of why last year according to @CDCgov  we had the most drug overdose deaths ever in the U.S. To address this crisis, we need to address both the supply and demand sides of this crisis.

On the supply side, we must pass my FIGHT Fentanyl Act, which would permanently schedule all forms of fentanyl as Schedule I drugs, allowing those responsible to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

We must also reduce the demand for these deadly drugs by passing my CARA 3.0 bill, which will increase funding for prevention, education, treatment, and recovery. My TREATS Act would help make telehealth available for those suffering from addiction.

Jane and I were blessed to fellowship with Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church in Cleveland on Sunday and witness several of their members being recognized for their faithful service to the church.

I am encouraged that Finland and Sweden have been invited to join @NATO . This is great news and a critical step forward for freedom-loving countries.


It’s time for the United States to reevaluate how we do business with China. We’ve got to look at this with fresh eyes and realize that in many areas, China has not been playing by the same set of rules as the rest of the world.

I'm pleased to announce that Senators Warner, Toomey, Sinema, Lummis & I have reached an agreement on an amendment to clarify IRS reporting rules for crypto transactions w/o curbing innovation or imposing information reporting requirements on stakers, miners, or other non-brokers

I am calling on @StateDept  to use funding that Congress has authorized to counter Russian propaganda & disinfo:

Just voted to pass the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, providing: - Free coronavirus testing - Paid sick leave - Expanded food assistance - Enhanced unemployment insurance - Support for small businesses Much more is needed, but this is a start.

Throughout America’s history, the peaceful transition of power has been a hallmark of our democracy. This year, both candidates must commit to abiding by the results, no matter the outcome.

Thanks to @realDonaldTrump  and @FLOTUS45  for coming #Daytono  today to comfort those who were injured or lost loved ones and thank those who responded so compassionately and effectively to the tragedy. Appreciated your visit.

Appreciated the opportunity to meet @EnesFreedom  today and hear his story. He’s shown tremendous courage in standing up for the Uyghurs in Xinjiang and calling out the atrocities of the Chinese Communist Party.

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America has finally woken up to #China ’s long-running theft of IP & research from US universities and research institutions. I appreciate @SecPompeo  highlighting this matter and his support for the Safeguarding American Innovation Act, which will help protect our IP & research.