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President Biden: “Let’s begin to listen to one another again. Hear each other. See each other.”

All the feels watching the first woman to walk out of those doors as the Vice President of the United States.

Kiddo asked if he could wear a “fancy shirt for Joe Biden.” ❤️

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Biden is president so I’m going to go ahead and watch Grease 2 now.

Our @CNNOpinion ⁩ roundup of this historic day... 👇🏻

So reassuring to see a real press briefing again. Nice job @jrpsaki . “Let’s do this again tomorrow.”


It will be REAL hard for Trump Republicans, who are now suggesting we risk 2.5% of the population - or 8+ million people - so we can prematurely reopen the economy, to make the pro-life case after this.

Pick a knee. The one that knelt on a neck or the one that knelt to try to prevent it.

The press is not the enemy of the people. The press is the enemy of the powerful, unaccountable and corrupt. The unjust, unethical, and dishonest. The bully, the blowhard. The cover up, run around and false pretense. Let’s be clear: that’s made the press the enemy of one person.

America is burning because America is in pain, angry, suffering, grieving, agonizing, traumatized. If you think any of this is making America great again, you’re part of the problem. America is broken, and needs love, healing, and most of all leadership.

GOP, he used you to get elected. He corrupted the party and your “principles” while in office. Now he’s burning your party and the country down on his way out. Stop being cultists. Start being patriots.