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HUNTER’S GALLERY GETS $500K: The gallery that houses Hunter Biden’s “artwork” reportedly received $500K in COVID relief. The loans allegedly increased after President Biden took office. @mirandadevine  will give you all the details & Pete Hegseth will react TONIGHT on “Hannity.”

Whistleblower Says China Deliberately Released Virus at ’19 Military Games

Unvaccinated Nurses Who Jumped on ‘Covid Grenades’ Last Year for Us Are Being Fired

HONORING AMERICA’S HEROES: John Ondrasik of “Five for Fighting” will join “Hannity” to discuss his song “Blood on My Hands” about the Afghanistan disaster. Tune in at 9 PM ET or set your DVR to never miss an episode!

SERIOUSLY? Psaki Blames High Grocery Prices on Lack of ‘Competition’ Between Suppliers

HIGH CLASS PROBLEM? WH Chief of Staff Ron Klain claimed that inflation is a “high class” problem. How are overpriced groceries a high class problem? TONIGHT on “Hannity,” we’ll discuss the inflation crisis and bring you analysis from @SimonettiLauren 

DRUG CRISIS ON THE BORDER: Drugs are coming across the Southern border at an alarming rate. Arizona Border Patrol recently seized over 50lbs of fentanyl! TONIGHT on “Hannity,” @GriffJenkins  will report on the border crisis and @jasoninthehouse  and Charlie Hurt will react.


REPORT: California to Release 18,000 Prisoners to Protect ‘Health and Safety of Incarcerated Population’

Clinton Aides Spent Millions to Push Russia Hoax AFTER Trump’s Inauguration

REPORT: New York City Spent $52 Million on Temporary Hospital that Treated 79 Coronavirus Patients

THANKS DE BLASIO! City Slashes Sanitation Budget 60%, Rotting Garbage Overflows on to Streets

Think about it. Since @realDonaldTrump  was elected, what have Democrats, what have the media ever done to improve the lives of Americans? Create jobs? Safety, security, peace?

The presidency is chosen by electors from all 50 states, not news organizations riven with bias

UPDATE: Suspect Facing 30 Years for Abusing 8-Year-Old Was Bailed Out by Fund Promoted by Kamala Harris