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Soros and Bill Gates Buy UK Covid Test Making Company for $41 Million

AOC’S ARMY? Schumer Pushes for ‘Bold Civilian Climate Corp’ to Enforce the Green New Deal

BACKFIRE: White House Says Kamala Harris Took COVID Test After Meeting with TX Dems in DC

STEFANIK: ‘Americans Are Paying More for Everything Thanks to Joe Biden and the Democrats’

BIDEN: We ‘Created Three Million Jobs’, ‘More Than Any Administration’ in History

JUST IN: California to Require Mandatory Vaccines for All State Employees, Healthcare Workers


REPORT: California to Release 18,000 Prisoners to Protect ‘Health and Safety of Incarcerated Population’

Clinton Aides Spent Millions to Push Russia Hoax AFTER Trump’s Inauguration

REPORT: New York City Spent $52 Million on Temporary Hospital that Treated 79 Coronavirus Patients

THANKS DE BLASIO! City Slashes Sanitation Budget 60%, Rotting Garbage Overflows on to Streets

The presidency is chosen by electors from all 50 states, not news organizations riven with bias

UPDATE: Suspect Facing 30 Years for Abusing 8-Year-Old Was Bailed Out by Fund Promoted by Kamala Harris

Think about it. Since @realDonaldTrump  was elected, what have Democrats, what have the media ever done to improve the lives of Americans? Create jobs? Safety, security, peace?