Scooter Braun

Scooter Braun

Family and friends are everything. I live life and try and smile as much as possible. Inspire the world to try!!

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Everyone please be safe out there. Now is a time to come together and support eachother as best we can. Sending best wishes. Be safe

Recorded an episode of @prettybigdealpod  with my friend @theashleygraham  a few months back. During such a difficult time it was so comforting to look back on this conversation. Our everyday morals and values are what grounds us most. Go check it out:

Loved this and wild to have it come out now in these times. Hope it helps. Here is the video from talking with my amazing friend @theashleygraham  @prettybigpodon  .

Small ideas can turn into large movements. Two years ago, @AMarch4OurLives  called on leaders to take a stand against gun violence. Two years later, we’re proud to continue standing with them to work towards a safer America – even in these times of uncertainty. #OurPower 

Incredibly proud of @GaTaGED  and the episode of #DAVEFXX  tonight

Dancing with my kids to #colores  non stop. Gracias @JBALVIN 


Yes sir!! @justinbieber  just won Best Male for the 5th year in a row at the @mtvema 's! Congrats kid!!

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Happy 20th birthday @justinbieber ! See u soon! Been a pleasure to be a part of your journey. Love yah

called @justinbieber  & told him #badday  isnt out yet. he said it's 12. i said that's in brazil. he said "oops" then started singing to me.

@justinbieber i think we are ready to give them that gift. #unlockthedream  jb!

@justinbieber playing me music late night. Woke me up but I like what I'm hearing.

@jonmchu @justinbieber  I think we have a Christmas present for everyone this year. #thetruthwillbetold  #believe