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$BKNG is facing off with several key trendlines

Keep an eye on $BOX's 180-day moving average

$HPQ options running hot: 8x the average intraday amount

Not a lot of contrarian pessimism to be unwound with $AVGO There is chart support though

Keep an eye on $ABM's rising short interest these next few weeks

A crowded playing field is dragging $PDD down Options traders are loading up on puts today (2x average intraday amount)

$DIDI puts are running at 4x the average intraday amount today

$UBER entering the #CannabisCommunity ? $ACB doing great amnesty work? 'Green Wednesday' is a thing now?! It was a big week for #cannabis  stocks

Between Friday's #OmicronVariant  selloff and today's likely rebound, there's a lot for @toddsalamone  to unpack The $VIX trendline to watch $SPX's 50-day MA and candle patterns $NDX's new millennium level


$SOFI calls outnumber puts by a 6-to-1 ratio today

The relationship between $UNG and $TNX will be one to watch this winter #bonds  #NaturalGas 

Big weeks for $SNDL, $CGC, and $TLRY We broke it down below! #cannabisstocks  #cannabiscommunity 

Recording a new podcast today, but be sure to check out our most recent episode, on ETFs! @CBOE  and Graham Day of ho @sumitroy2  on for a look at @InnovatorETFsETF  efficacy, thematic investing, and their potential utility in the future

Blue-chipper $UNH is fresh off a record high and has cheaply-priced premium to boot That's been a bullish combination in the past

$PYPL has since turned lower, while calls are trading at 3x the average intraday amount today #PayPal 

$INTU call traders are coming out in droves today Call volume is 18x the average intraday amount

Fired up, ready to go! It's #Election2020 , and we have the podcast for you! @CBOE  An illuminating chat with and of on the $vix, @henryschwartzpost- @OptionsDele @JaneStreetGrouption  volatility, and what to expect in 2021

Biiiiig week ahead for the cannabis sector We rounded up all of the recent news from last week $kern $arna $ycbd $gnln $hexo

New pod! of talks , , and @tony_battistae '>@Tony_BATtistae  a @tastytradeso  tak #memestockss  #OptionsTradingus  to #Cryptoschool  on options Greeks, the exponential growth in the industry, and the new prequel #Sopranos  #TheManySaintsOfNewark