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The mother’s body was found inside the locked shed Monday.

Here are some ways to ethically remove the birds and interact with them safely.

The first time Lee was asked to help a presidential campaign, she said, “Politics doesn’t make a difference in my life, so forget it.”

Assemblywoman Cecilia Aguiar-Curry wants to prevent the human papillomavirus, which causes cervical cancer.

The “Pet Wash” gives customers a place to bathe animals.

The bowfisher said he “just got lucky.” Officials say bowfishing “is harder than you might think.”

“Her role in helping to keep the species alive in the wild will not be forgotten.”

Long time sneaker chain will close its doors after 74 years in business.

Strings of these small openings dotted the seafloor, but why?


Bank of America freezing accounts of customers suspected of not being US citizens

“It was insane”: Placer County floodplain restored by beavers in just three years

Democratic state Rep. Richard Creagan proposed legislation aimed at making Hawaii the first in the country to ban the sale of cigarettes for everyone except people age 100 and over

More than 150 pounds of black market bologna seized in Texas, border agents say

Gavin Newsom apologizes on California’s behalf to native tribes for slaughter of ancestors

Founder of Tower Records, drinking whiskey and watching the Oscars, dies at 92 #towerrecords  #sacramento  #russsolomon 

The Sacramento Police Department says six are dead and at least 15 have been shot downtown.