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@neeratanden  @daveweigelSirota  reported on his fundraising and his voting record for The Guardian. It was a totally clean piece. He had an impressive career as a journalist, then got into politics, where he’d gotten his start. That’s happened often throughout journalism history.

That’s correct, he wasn’t, as I understand it. Focusing on Beto was an obvious thing to do then.

This was before Bernie announced, wasn’t even certain he’d run. Piece holds up pretty well I gotta say.

I thought he would but smart people on other campaigns thought he might not.

This is the first (pretty gentle) shot a rival has taken at him and he’s been knocked off kilter for days

We actually should have free milk at school, yes

As a kid I was on free lunch and the downside was often the lunches were awful. But kids who didn’t want their milk would return them, and other kids could grab them from a table, and I often lived off those free-cycled milks. Those kids were far more decent than these assholes

So basically black voters in SC are trying to guess which candidate white people will vote for to beat Trump and white voters in Iowa are trying to guess who the black voters in SC will be willing to support.


Ya know, if a country has so many people in prison that allowing them to vote could swing an election, maybe there are too many people in prison

Fun fact about Bill Gates and capitalism. Decades ago he retired and began giving all his money away. He’s famous for that. Today he’s worth more money than the day he stopped working. Neat trick.

Kevin McCarthy to @AOC : Apologize for saying "concentration camps." @AOC : Apologize for the concentration camps.

One way to keep children from not dying in prison camps is to not put children in prison camps

Kavanaugh even lied about his connections to Yale: “I have no connections there. I got there by busting my tail.” See this yearbook. He was legacy; his grandfather went there. What pathetic perjury.

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Reporter gets pepper-sprayed in the middle of a live hit (by those forces of democracy) in Bolivia and plows right through it. This is impressive stuff, and helps reveal what’s going on there...

Rep. Andy Barr invited AOC to come meet coal miners in his district mad that the Green New Deal will take away their jobs. She accepted. Turns out there are no active coal mines in Barr's district because it's 2019, not 1919. So now Barr is uninviting AOC.

At $70 billion/year, Warren’s universal child care program would cost roughly what Congress added casually to the Pentagon budget with no debate or even rationale

Buttigieg thinks that if your combined household income is more than $100k/yr you can be lumped in rhetorically with billionaires and should be cut out of the free public college pool

Evo Morales’ party, MAS, controls 2/3 of the legislature. The new self-declared ruler is promising to arrest those democratically elected lawmakers. US media utterly silent.