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They could amend this and have the Senate pass it by unanimous consent five minutes later but Congress simply doesn't care about the people in Washington who don't work on K Street -- and those all live in Virginia anyway

To develop a Covid-19 vaccine, Pharma and the federal government will have to break old patterns by @rmc031 

How long did this take you? Quite sophisticated

As Congress passes a $2 trillion stimulus package, “how will you pay for it?” question is tossed in the trash by @StephanieKelton 

Newest outrage from @lhfang : Lobbyists for debt collectors are fighting for the right to continue collecting during the pandemic, arguing it's for the good of consumers and their "ethnically diverse" workforce

A big thanks to @mrjaxtaylor  for the birthday wishes and the kind words about the book, and to @theintercept ’s DC team for paying him to say that

Freedom isn’t just for the American people. We believe in freedom for viruses too.


Ya know, if a country has so many people in prison that allowing them to vote could swing an election, maybe there are too many people in prison

5 yo woke up with a fever. CVS Minute Clinic says she has flu, prescribes tamaflu. It’s the New Year so the new deductible kicks in. Pharmacy wants $198 for the tamaflu. If we didn’t have it, like millions don’t, she’d go without it, putting her life at risk. Barbaric.

Kevin McCarthy to @AOC : Apologize for saying "concentration camps." @AOC : Apologize for the concentration camps.

Fun fact about Bill Gates and capitalism. Decades ago he retired and began giving all his money away. He’s famous for that. Today he’s worth more money than the day he stopped working. Neat trick.

One way to keep children from not dying in prison camps is to not put children in prison camps

Kavanaugh even lied about his connections to Yale: “I have no connections there. I got there by busting my tail.” See this yearbook. He was legacy; his grandfather went there. What pathetic perjury.

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NEW: Mike Bloomberg exploited prison labor to make 2020 presidential campaign phone calls He dropped the firm after our inquiry. by @EndDeportations 

Rep. Andy Barr invited AOC to come meet coal miners in his district mad that the Green New Deal will take away their jobs. She accepted. Turns out there are no active coal mines in Barr's district because it's 2019, not 1919. So now Barr is uninviting AOC.

AIPAC confirms that two conference attendees have now tested positive for coronavirus. I reported 2 days ago this was likely. There were 18,000 people there, including 2/3rds of Congress. On Tuesday, thousands of conference goers visited Hill offices.