??? Ethiopia plants 350 millions trees in one day |

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Delivery disaster: the hidden environmental cost of your online shopping

LGBT Activists of Color Call Out Pete Buttigieg for Ties to Big Money, Conservative Positions

Stacey Abrams tells @TheView  she "absolutely" sees herself running for president one day—but for the 2020 cycle, she "would be honored" to run for vice president with whoever the Democratic nominee is.

Best economy ever? Not really. Judged by growth at least, Trump's economy ranks 6th out of the last 10 presidential terms, per @axios ⁩

Bald eagles across the US are dying from lead bullets — but it's not because they're being shot. The birds are indirectly affected when they consume animals shot with those bullets.

A missing Milwaukee woman and her two daughters were found dead in a garage Sunday, the victims of an apparent homicide, authorities say.

Why did the US take hundreds of Americans, including 14 with coronavirus, off a quarantined cruise ship? 'Something went awry.'

"Slightly terrifying," says Kate Middleton of the royal tradition to pose with newborns outside London hospital

The number of people displaced by the fighting in NW Syria is now 900,000. They are sleeping outside in icy temperatures because camps are full. "Mothers burn plastic to keep children warm. Babies and small children are dying because of the cold."

One quibble here: You can’t exactly say that “the moderate vote remains divided” because many of the people looking to vote for a moderate are actually themselves progressive but worried Bernie can’t win. It’s not that they are ideologically moderate.