Roy Wood Jr- Cub Fan

Roy Wood Jr- Cub Fan

I do comedy on a stage, sometimes on @TheDailyShow. Proud FAMU grad reppin the 205. I might not be shit to you but my mama thinks I made it. #Cubs #Dolphins

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Also, got lunch room clean-up for a week for singing “Do The Bartman” in class. Which in hindsight, there were much better rap songs in 1990 to get in trouble for singing in class.

fam, we gotta follow the money. I MUST know who got rich off this shit man? https:/

Anyone notice these car commercials starting to transition from that "We're all in this together" whisper voice to "FCK IT FAM! WHERE YOU GOING THIS SUMMER?!!!! BUY THIS TRUCK!" *cut to drone shot of coastline*

But then if somebody tried to wipe their ass wit ya cake you’d say they was wrong.

If a black person tells you “You picked the right one today.” You in fact, did NOT pick the right one today.

Aye @marcelluswiley  don’t think I forgot. Baby strength battle. Your son vs my son. Put up ya best granola snacks Winner takes all. 450 lb ottoman, my boy working it w/ one arm. Light work fam.

‘Welcome to Atlanta’ is forever a banger

My son is playing hide & seek with his grandmother.....on FaceTime. he's hiding and she's on an iPad just guessing aloud where in the house she thinks he's hiding. Not sure if this is brilliant or proof that quarantine is starting to get to the both of them.


Lawyers offering pro bono services for arrested protestors. Minneapolis, Houston, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles. I know there are far more doing the same thing in other cities please add them to this thread

In this instance, Impeachment is you and ya homegirls having all the evidence that ya man is cheating but to break up with him you gotta convince a jury of his frat brothers (who was there with him cheating) that your man is a cheater

That dog left Central Park and went straight to the Feds to give his statement

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Still the greatest of all the thrones.

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Never too early to teach your children the classics

Stop letting these kids eat for free in yo house!!!!

How do we know this tweet wasn't sent by one of the tigers?

The bigger question from this video, what brand door is this? Every trap house needs this door.

Parenting during a quarantine is easy. It’s having the media second guess you every night before bedtime that's the hard part. #ParentalPostgame