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House Democrats don’t have plans to more explicitly outlaw politicians from requesting election-related info from foreign nationals because the say the law already covers that

After a string of security concerns are raised by both Democrats and Republicans, including those from a 2018 field test, watchdog will look at census security

Shaky ceasefire agreement halting Syrian Kurd attacks appears to not appease lawmakers, who might still vote to impose sanctions

Between putt-putt mishaps, rebukes of Chairman LeBron James and an auction for the Stanley Cup, Congress has been on the ball

@mcurtisnc3 : For those who hail from at once charming and confounding Baltimore, Elijah Cummings’ death is a special loss

Rooney: “I’ve done what I came to do, and I want to be a model for term limits.”


JUST IN: House votes 231-199 to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour incrementally over six years

President Trump signed an executive order Friday that would freeze pay for federal civilian workers in 2019

Inspectors found detainees often had no access to showers or a change of clothes and dangerously overcrowded and unhygienic conditions at processing centers

Watch: El Paso surgeon’s graphic testimony on treating Walmart shooting victims “I’m not a military surgeon, but what I saw looked like a war zone.”

Prosecutors allege Hunter spent campaign donation money on at least five women, as marital infidelity whispers swirl

Sen. Ted Cruz says the “deep state” within Treasury, State departments is working to preserve Obama-era Iran nuclear deal

Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley goes into 12th hour in marathon protest of rushing Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court vote.

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