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"Holds" freeze journalists in a specific place before and after Senate impeachment trial proceedings

GOP Sens. Mike Lee, John Thune, Jerry Moran, John Barrasso, John Cornyn, Tim Scott and Democratic Sens. Michael Bennet, Patty Murray wearing Apple Watches, despite electronics ban

Following input from senators, McConnell made two changes to his resolution setting the rules for the impeachment trial

Fifteen minute "holds" freeze journalists in place before and after impeachment trial proceedings

What is the standard of proof senators will apply to the impeachment trial of President Trump? It depends on whom you ask

The Senate voted 53-47 to table an amendment from Schumer, which would have subpoenaed White House documents related to Ukraine aid delay

Both parties targeting Florida, Georgia and four more state legislative chambers, where majority parties can draw favorable district lines after 2020 census

Schumer "did not sign off" on impeachment trial press restrictions and would prefer press interactions to be like a “normal day.”

Senators-turned-jurors sneak in snacks, lunge for phones during rare breaks to weigh in on arguments at Trump's impeachment trial

Congress faces narrow spending increase as veterans health care costs balloon. @JenniferShutt  explains where spending bills will be squeezed:


"I believe that this is just a better fit for me,” New Jersey's Jeff Van Drew said in the Oval Office Thursday. “This is who I am.”

White House is threatening to shut down all major legislation after House Democrats announced an impeachment inquiry

President Trump signed an executive order Friday that would freeze pay for federal civilian workers in 2019

For the third week in a row, Jane Fonda was arrested, this time with Ted Danson, at a climate change protest in D.C.

Inspectors found detainees often had no access to showers or a change of clothes and dangerously overcrowded and unhygienic conditions at processing centers

Prosecutors allege Hunter spent campaign donation money on at least five women, as marital infidelity whispers swirl

Watch: El Paso surgeon’s graphic testimony on treating Walmart shooting victims “I’m not a military surgeon, but what I saw looked like a war zone.”

House investigators released two more transcripts of witness depositions, from Fiona Hill and Alexander Vindman, bringing the total so far to eight

Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley goes into 12th hour in marathon protest of rushing Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court vote.

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