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CDC Director Robert Redfield told Congress that HHS and the White House budget office directed the transfer of $300 million from CDC to a public relations campaign "to defeat despair" over the pandemic.

Democrats may push for final spending decisions next year, but Republicans prefer a lame-duck wrapup.

Secretive companies are offering disinformation services globally, even creating fake journalists to post false stories.

Capitol Police lawyer said public shouldn't know about an incident in which an officer left a gun in a bathroom

Working from home has attracted more cyberattacks on manufacturing firms, a cybersecurity research firm found.

Sen. Marco Rubio says keeping daylight saving time through the winter is "just one small step we can take to help ease the burden'' on families during the pandemic.

Elon Musk’s promises of a cheaper rocket alternative haven’t yet been realized. His SpaceX is poised to charge much more than previous costs in a series of forthcoming spy satellite launches.


White House is threatening to shut down all major legislation after House Democrats announced an impeachment inquiry

"I believe that this is just a better fit for me,” New Jersey's Jeff Van Drew said in the Oval Office Thursday. “This is who I am.”

President Trump signed an executive order Friday that would freeze pay for federal civilian workers in 2019

For the third week in a row, Jane Fonda was arrested, this time with Ted Danson, at a climate change protest in D.C.

Inspectors found detainees often had no access to showers or a change of clothes and dangerously overcrowded and unhygienic conditions at processing centers

Prosecutors allege Hunter spent campaign donation money on at least five women, as marital infidelity whispers swirl

Watch: El Paso surgeon’s graphic testimony on treating Walmart shooting victims “I’m not a military surgeon, but what I saw looked like a war zone.”

Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley goes into 12th hour in marathon protest of rushing Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court vote.

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