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Fulham Forest / Championship

Genuinely entertaining game between Fulham and Forest today. You have to love the Championship. Well played #nffc  and safe trip home. #ffc 

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Fulham Forest / Championship

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For those who hadn’t been listening for the past 4 years, Trump just told you that he ain't leaving and that he is a white supremacist. If that doesn't get every American who is not white into overdrive to toss his ass - we may actually deserve what happens next.

Trump just said to all white supremacists to “stand back and stand by”

#HANNITY LIVE POST-DEBATE REACTION TONIGHT! Sean will be live in Cleveland with @DonaldJTrumpJr , @SarahHuckabee , @AriFleischer , @JudgeJeanine , @mercedesschlapp , @dbongino , @GeraldoRivera , @TheLeoTerrell , @Rep_Matt_Gaetz  &am @HeyTammyBruce ; . Watch LIVE at 11PM EST or set your DVRs!

I am just going to leave this right here.

“In the end, though, this debate was a success. It provided voters accurate impressions of these two men.” Smart take by @DavidCornDC : via @MotherJones 

Given Trump's refusal to abide by the rules, the Biden campaign should not agree to the remaining two debates. The Commission on Presidential Debates—a private entity—has utterly failed us: The voters. Total disgrace. #Debates2020 

Helen Reddy, the activist and lilting voice behind the 1972 feminist anthem "I Am Woman," has died at age 78:

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Reasons this debate is a disgrace: • format allows no depth or substance • no live fact-checking, no time to evaluate empirical claims • no *deliberation* — facts weighed against values • comatose moderator — favoring he who speaks loudest #Debates2020