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By mid-October, adults with mild to moderate hearing loss will be able to buy hearing aids over the counter.

PUNCHER SUCKERS SYSTEM 'I'm in shock,' victim's kin tells The News after suspect in vicious attack is freed without bail — Three held in cabbie slaying — Trump's biz big admits to fraud —

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President Joe Biden this week signed into law ambitious new legislation that aims to address human-caused climate change over the next decade.

What does Ron DeSantis’s move to suspend a locally elected prosecutor look like when viewed in the current national political climate? It’s anti-democratic. We should pay attention, and voters shouldn’t forget. Tonight, for @MSNBCDaily :

Survival 'the only concern' as Canadian tenants struggle to pay rent

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Georgia-based ‘anti-capitalist’ political group accused of kidnapping, arming, and attempting to recruit the homeless

Motorists are being warned of MAJOR southbound traffic delays this morning following a three-car pile-up in Burleigh at around 10.15am. Emergency services are treating two patients at the scene, after a van and truck collided. Delays are expected to get worse. #9News 

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the holocaust documentary 'three minutes - a lengthening' is not only the most haunting film of the year but one of the best

How can we help everyone live in the pollution- and hazard-free environment that they deserve? By working with those most affected and engaging them in environmental decision-making! And that's only the beginning:

Severe Thunderstorm Warning until 7pm for portions of Maricopa County, including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Glendale. 60 gusts are the main threats. @abc15  #azwx 

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Scoops of the Day

After a Spider-Man PC mod aimed to remove every Pride flag in the game, Nexus Mods removed the mod, banned the creator's accounts and said those upset by the policy can delete their accounts and move on.

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At least 7 killed in Russian missile attack on Kharkiv dormitory in Ukraine. @BrittClennett  has the latest.

Like many terms that originate in the canon of Black art and thought, self-care has been swallowed into a vortex of mainstream overuse and lack of attribution.

Whoops! 😖 Police say a "confused" driver made it about 60 yards through the second floor of the @SouthShorePlaza  #mall  in #Braintree  #Massachusetts .

This golden retriever shows up to the fence every day to see his girlfriend — watch when she finally comes over for a real date ❤️

*Ahem* 🗣 Say it louder for the people in the back 🗣 #SheHulk  #TatianaMaslany 

stellar reporting from @KYWeise  on the too-good-to-be-true CEO that got unilaterally positive coverage for years very hard but necessary reading

@ginger_zee  🤝 @GregDeeWeather  "Just a couple of meteorologists who love EEs!"

Bandai Namco says Elden Ring had sold 16.6 million copies worldwide as of June 2022.


Scoops of the Week

On fmr. Pres. Trump's claim that he declassified the documents found in the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago, Rep. Adam Schiff said he hasn't seen evidence that Trump went through the declassification process. "I've seen no evidence of that, nor have they presented any evidence of that"

Donald Trump Jr. will be a guest on my radio show today in the third hour!

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick tells @margbrennan  that he was notified by the FBI that “my life was in danger recently by some of these same people” who are currently threatening law enforcement in the wake of the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago.

Rescue crow goes on walks with his favorite German Shepherd — and now that he can fly he brings all of his friends to visit 🖤

Young Thug’s reaction to bro eating a bug 😭😭

“This segment can truly save lives so everyone really wants to pay attention to this.” The American Heart Association's new data revealed only 39% of women received CPR from bystanders compared to 45% of men. @DrJAshton  has what you need to know.

Liz is Abe?  Which log cabin in McLean, VA was she raised in?

Scientists fired a Fibonacci laser at atoms, which turned into a new type of matter that seemed to phase between two dimensions of time, according to Nature Journal and Live Science.

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Happy birthday, @youngthug ! 🎉 What’s your favorite song by him?