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Rudy says (about 2:58) that for his efforts to help Trump he will "maybe even [be] put in a jail cell somewhere."

#BREAKING : President-Elect Joe Biden builds out national security team with John Kerry playing key role in addressing climate change.

Mexico’s health ministry reported 9,187 additional cases of the novel coronavirus on Sunday, only the third time it has recorded more than 9,000 new infections in a single day.

“We are delighted with these results, the efficacy level is very high,” Professor Adrian Hill, Director of the Jenner Institute, tells @ABC  News as AstraZeneca and University of Oxford say their COVID-19 vaccine is up to 90% effective.

Sunday was busiest air travel day since March, despite pleas to stay home

Biden's cabinet choices are people with experience in the roles that they've been selected for and this is why we settled for Biden. Competence wins!

Back in the socially un-distanced world.

The future of farming is vertical

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota ignited COVID-19 outbreak in Minnesota, study finds via @CBSNews 

I can’t figure out a way to truly express how little I give a shit that tech CEOs are moving out of SF.


Scoops of the Day

Across the Dakotas, COVID-19 poses a severe risk to Native American elders who are Indigenous language speakers, says @judy_louise , a Standing Rock Sioux Tribe citizen. "We don’t have very much time to spend with them ... and revitalize our languages."

This week's last look: The Covid-19 vaccine race is being led by immigrants.

Reports of Republican pols who tell reporters off the record they think @POTUS  should accept election results and is damaging democracy remind me of advice William Safire gave in his last column: disregard what a politician says off the record. Only on the record counts.

BREAKING: The Wauwatosa Police Department announced that a 15-year-old boy has been arrested in connection to the mass shooting at Mayfair Mall. INFO:

Chinese authorities are testing millions of people, imposing lockdowns and shutting down schools after locally transmitted coronavirus cases were discovered in three cities across the country last week.

Here's what's happened since peaceful protests began in Belarus

Ontario sets new high for coronavirus cases with 1,589 in the past 24 hours. It's the 18th straight day with more than 1,000 cases; the 7-day average is now 1,401, up from 1,385. 19 more deaths are also being attributed to the virus.

Publication is literally named “Bloomberg.”

"They are treasonous, unpatriotic, downright despotic," the ad warns.


Scoops of the Week

Media, the word you are avoiding is “coup.” I’m not saying they will succeed - they will not. But they are trying to overturn a free, fair election and this deserves at least as much attention as the full week you devoted to Sarah Sanders being refused service at a restaurant.

Again, not an expert. But again: EVERYONE IN TAIWAN HAS BEEN LIVING THEIR LIVES FREELY SINCE FEBRUARY! I mean yes, people voluntarily wear masks in public places, but otherwise, restaurants, subways, etc are packed. So.... /10

On Transgender Day of Remembrance, we remember and honor the lives we’ve lost to anti-trans violence. We continue our fight for justice and recommit ourselves to always standing up against hate and bigotry. #TDoR2020 

If you cannot speak against this you should never again be paid for your opinion or put on TV as an analyst. Yes I understand it’s doomed to fail and goofy and in some cases hilarious. That doesn’t make it any less seditious.

So Pennsylvania extended its mask mandate into PRIVATE HOMES. That's insanity!

absolutely no one believes these people know what they’re doing. what they do think, however, is that the attempt — however ramshackle and haphazard — is still dangerous, as is the fact that most republicans refuse to condemn it.

BREAKING: Donald Trump Jr. has tested positive for coronavirus, a spokesperson says.

Joe Biden became emotional after listening to an ICU nurse talk about treating Covid-19 patients. “For the first time, speaking with President-elect Biden, I had hoped, and with that came such an emotional release,” says Mary Turner, president of the Minnesota Nurses Association

Look, I too once tried to save face by pretending to win something I had lost. Then I turned six. Start the transition.

@CarlHigbie  says Andrew Cuomo's Emmy nomination "may be for best actor, for pretending to play an actual Governor on TV."