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Dear Chesa, I grew up food insecure and working class in the SF Bay Area. This is my home. I am one of the largest donors to your recall. I’m not leaving but after this recall election, you are. Kindly, Not a fan

It’s #SunDay ! ☀️ Today (and every day) we’re grateful for the heliosphere, the ”bubble” around our solar system that protects us from the rest of the galaxy and its harsh space radiation. As you reset for the week ahead, learn more about the heliosphere:

India's Groww valued at $3 billion in $251 million funding by @refsrc 

GM's 1,000 hp 632 cubic-inch crate engine is its largest and most powerful ever

CDC recommends booster shot for Moderna, Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines

Tesla switches all standard-range vehicles to LiFePo chemistry

Dune becomes Warner Bros. biggest opening of the pandemic

A powerful defense of the Western Canon, and woe for the dismantling of Classics Departments, from Cornel West and Jeremy Tate.

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Who's funding Frances Haugen? LOL, it's Bitcoin winnings. “For the foreseeable future, I’m fine, because I did buy crypto at the right time." via @BuzzFeedBen 

How Moveworks' AI platform broke through the multilingual NLP barrier  by @LouisColumbus 


Scoops of the Day

Unlike last winter, when it was nearly impossible to find a Covid vaccine appointment nearby and soon in most states, I was able to get two appointments for Moderna half-strength boosters in ten minutes just a week from today at a @CVS_Extra  15 minutes from home.

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Former SF prosecutor: “The priority first was public perception, the 2nd priority was incarcerated people… the victims of crime did not count among his priorities unless it helped public perception.” Chesa Boudin must be recalled for us to be safe.

Disable these Windows 10 settings right now

Stripe makes its second investment in India, just days after disclosing the first.

This mind-bending sci-fi thriller on Amazon Prime will stay with you for days

Tesla rolls back its FSD beta from version 10.3, which improved many items like brake light and turn signal detection, to 10.2 after "seeing some issues" @rjcc  / The Verge)

@mhdempsey  I see an endless flow of cool companies making cool products around SaaS, or machine leaning, or ecommerce that don't fit into any of those categories. But post-smartphone, we've also had a LOT of Next Big Things that weren't

Remember, Deshaun Watson has a no-trade clause. He rejected the Eagles. The only destination he's approved so far is Miami.

Controversial position. Facebook whistleblower warns against encryption - says it will enable espionage. Most people say the opposite is true - encryption thwarts espionage.


Scoops of the Week

#LISA right where she belongs on #TodaysTopHits  🖤

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First firing of a Raptor vacuum engine integrated onto a Starship

The deaths mystified investigators, residents and curious people following the case from around the world who wondered: How could the entire family die together with no obvious signs of foul play or injury? Read more:

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Trump launching new social network dubbed Truth Social

@pledis_17  continues their “Power of Love” project with their latest mini album #Attacca  ❣️

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JUST IN: A young family and their dog found dead on a remote hiking trail in August died as a result of heat and dehydration, Mariposa County authorities reveal.

I’m liking the suggestions that Facebook’s new name should be “Hooli”, the enormous, unscrupulous tech giant from the @HBO  show “Silicon Valley”.

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Texans, Dolphins could have Deshaun Watson deal done this week via @houstonchron