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Sources: Beijing-based Didi Chuxing is considering launching in UK, France, and Germany by H1 2021 and has hired a team dedicated to European markets (Bloomberg)

Fry's Electronics shuts down permanently, citing challenges posed by the pandemic.

YouTube to roll out a "supervised" account option in beta in the coming months in more than 80 countries, aimed at kids that are too old for YouTube Kids@xpangler  / Variety)

Updates on #PS5  restocks at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and other retailers 👇🏼

Apple may be grabbing another Android feature for the iPhone 13 👀

‘Don’t be assholes’: Ted Cruz criticizes press reports over his Cancún trip

Taiwanese chipmakers are buying water by the truckload for some of their foundries in drought-hit areas as the island widens restrictions on water supply @YimouLee  / Reuters)

NEW: For years, McDonald's has internally labeled activists and employees working with the Fight for $15 campaign a security threat and has spied on them, Motherboard has learned.

NEW: Unionizing Amazon workers in Alabama received a mailer from the company with instructions imploring them to "Vote NO" on the historic union election and to then "mail the … envelope right away to make your vote count!"

⚡️ “Amazon Sends ‘Vote NO’ Instructions to Unionizing Employees”


Scoops of the Day

ICYMI: Six separate cameras capturing full-color video and a microphone recording the sounds of Mars — this is how the Perseverance landing went down.

Every year, millions of Americans fall into poverty, some into homelessness. Lori Teresa Yearwood was one of them. We asked her to write about her experience and share what she’s learned about how hard it is to fight back into the middle class.

We found an LG Chocolate 2 from 12 years ago, and rediscovered all the simple features that lit up a bygone era.

A retired NY police officer was charged with assaulting another officer with a flagpole at the Jan. 6 insurrection. The former Marine tackled the officer, straddled him and attempted to rip off his face shield and gas mask, leaving him unable to breathe.

Mozilla beefs up anti-cross-site tracking in Firefox, as Chrome still lags on privacy by @riptari 

What is the global artificial-intelligence outlook? We asked more than 1,000 executives and SMEs across the world. Download the full premium report here:

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New SpaceX Starship prototype SN10 rocket could fly as soon as Thursday

An investigation found that ten different websites sell fake reviews to Amazon vendors. Five of those fake review providers have 702,000 reviewers working for them. Your intro to the not-so-secret, booming industry of fake Amazon reviews, via @Elad_Si :

Registration for TC Disrupt 2021 is now open by @joeyhinson 

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Scoops of the Week

You've never seen a video like this. Check out last week's historic Mars landing—through the eyes of @NasaPersevere  >> #CountdownToMars 

A leaked scientific report from Israel claims Pfizer’s vaccine is stopping nine out of 10 infections and the country could approach herd immunity by next month!

We launch in 80+ new markets over the next few days. See you soon Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nigeria 👀 #SpotifyStreamOn 

The record-breaking freeze in Texas has made hundreds of people homeless so far. Where water, clothing, and food were being distributed, lines snaked around the block. At least 30 have died.

Artificial intelligence isn't sexist and racist on its own. It's picked that up from the internet, including the dark corners of Reddit and Twitter.

Wow! Here is video of the United Airlines flight that dropped debris all over the Denver Colorado suburbs.

When a former president calls a ruling on his tax returns from a Supreme Court that he populated a "political persecution."

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This is not ideal, but Clubhouse is fundamentally a public broadcast system. It has some of twitter and some of a social podcast. If 500 or 5000 strangers are listening, what’s the real expectation of privacy?

Interesting mystery. New malware found on ~30,000 Macs is raising ??. Once hourly the Macs contact a control server to check for commands from attackers, but so far no payload delivered. Malware has self-destruct feature but attackers haven't triggered it.

Congratulations to Amy Palcic, hired by Urban Meyer to run the Jaguars communications department. She did an outstanding job as Texans VP of communications but was fired during the season. JJ Watt now becomes the No. 1 free agent from the Texans.