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Breaking Scoops

Shopify launches Collabs, a new way for creators to earn revenue on the platform by @aiishamalik1 

Meta launches Horizon Worlds in France and Spain by @indianidle 

A hacking group linked to China has spent the last three years targeting human rights organizations, think tanks, news media, and agencies of multiple foreign governments, according to a new report shared exclusively with MIT Technology Review.

Polestar is launching an EV roadster in 2026 called the Polestar 6 by @jaclyntrop 

Recent studies find all rainwater may be unsafe to drink, according to the latest health advisories for levels of PFAS, also known as "forever chemicals."

How Snipd is using AI to 'unlock knowledge' in podcasts by @psawers 

Qeepsake, a journaling app that helps families capture and store memories, raises $2M by @aiishamalik1 

Shipyaari, a Mumbai-based#software  company that offers shipping logistics to major consumer brands, exposed the personal data of thousands of its customers because of a months-long spill of its internal shipment information.

Electric bills are on the rise. Here's how to keep your home cool while minimizing electricity costs.

Uber is partnering with Office Depot to bring the option of on-demand office and school supplies to the ride-hailing company's delivery platform, Uber Eats.


Scoops of the Day

The Apple Watch has a few safety features that could help you and others in life-threatening situations. @This_Justintech  takes us through some of the go-to features available right on your wrist.

Startup yachts, Adam Neumann and wait what year is it again? by @nmasc_ 

VCs set sights on African countries beyond the 'Big Four' by @annienjanja 

Some lots of Oatly, Premier Protein and other brands are being recalled. Here's the complete list, along with a few options to replace your favorite drink.

The Ride1Up 700 Series electric bike is an absolute unit of a bicycle. We got to test it out. Check our YouTube for the full review later this week.

Signal says 1,900 users' phone numbers exposed by Twilio breach by @carlypage_ 

If you missed Black Hat and Def Con last week, these were the best talks from the annual hacker gatherings.

@alexa99  is ready to help after you say the wake word – you can choose Alexa, Amazon, Echo, Computer, or Ziggy. Get the facts:

Klarna founder to launch new ‘Nobel Prize for Impact’ by @mikebutcher 


Scoops of the Week

FBI agents who searched Trump's Mar-a-Lago home Monday removed 11 sets of classified documents, including some marked as top secret and meant to be only available in special government facilities.

Disinformation operatives seek to undermine firms in the Western world as China fights to maintain near-monopoly power.

Jared Kushner didn't get $2 billion from the Saudis because he's a world-class investor. It smelled of access then and it smells of access now. And it's a national security problem.

Music for any activity. Listen on Spotify.

A new survey by Google shows Gen Z is better than millennials or boomers at fact-checking—but previous research tells a different story.

This one's for all the freaks. @NICKIMINAJ 's new song #SuperFreakyGirl  is finally here 🎀

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New York is roaring back from the worst of the pandemic. Why isn’t San Francisco?

#SuperFreakyGirl dropping tonight so you know we had to give you the full body version @NICKIMINAJ  🦄 #FeelinMyself 

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Deployment of 46 Starlink satellites confirmed

Sosa just dropped on his birthday 😈 Go stream @ChiefKeef's new track Chief So ASAP

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