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#BloombergWeekAhead - U.S. and South Korea GDP - ECB and BOJ rate decisions - Big tech earnings @HaidiLunnd  @Kathleen_Haysreak  down what you need to know at the start of your week

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The Allegany County Republicans are FIRED UP and ready to get out the vote! Chairman@NickLangworthy  had the opportunity to attend their annual dinner and continue to spread the word on how important it is to flip your ballot and vote NO on all proposals. #JustSayNoNY 

@wjwaldron  The only thing he was playing was the American people, and the sad part of it is the number of citizens who STILL are blowing him to this very day.

# 7. MASTER ONE STRATEGY FIRST AND THEN TINKER WITH IT TO FIT YOUR PERSONALITY. – @dbcoopersdna  Check out all 10 Trading Highlights from equity trader Gregory Gossett here…

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But is it a glitch or a feature, $AMZN ? Inside Amazon’s Worst Human Resources Problem

Keep tabs on Sugar Lean Hogs ... they have all generated oversold alerts [full details]

“Videos shot by witnesses show Bajrang Dal members chasing down crew members, managing to catch at least one of them and beating him mercilessly with a metal light stand.” Ruling party lumpen are simply enforcing party writ. FoE is fiction.

What the fuck do they need the extra money for? More beagle torture research?

China is pushing to develop its own chips — but the country can't do without foreign tech


Scoops of the Day

Plastics recycling is failing, and the industry is betting big on a technology called chemical recycling to try and save it. So can chemical recycling help our plastic problem? Watch the full video here:

A family emergency shouldn’t cost you your job. It’s time to pass paid family leave, which means it’s time to pass Build Back Better

The responsibility for emissions reductions (including a carbon fee) in reconciliation now lies with the Senate, and a great many of us intend to meet that responsibility.

The wealthiest 10% of Americans own a record 89% of all U.S. stocks

Where do plastic production facilities release their harmful carbon emissions? Mostly low-income communities & communities of color. It’s time to pass my REDUCE act and get serious about recycling.

All those forwarding hateful propaganda please understand that your footprints in digital history are permanent. Your children and grandchildren will have to live the truth of your lies & bigotry. At some point such things will be just a matter Google search to find them.

@FT :" #Inflation  pressure now ‘brutal’ because of supply squeeze, US companies say" As noted several times here and elsewhere, companies have been ringing the alarm bell for months Fed is yet to listen to them. Please see my @bopinion  post tomorrow on why

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Pelosi says Congress is close to a deal on Biden’s social spending plan

Happy Saturday and #JohnsPawoctober  everyone – today I’m donating to @RocketDogRescue  (nominated by @dogepalooza )! Only a couple of days left – keep using #JohnsPawoctober !

BREAKING: Talks for UniCredit to buy ailing Monte Paschi bank from Italy's government have collapsed, putting the world's oldest bank on the brink


Scoops of the Week

Steve Bannon went out of his way to earn the resolution the House passed today to hold him in contempt of Congress, referring for prosecution for his reckless disregard for the law and the truth. Accountability matters.

The #FreedomToVoteAct  would end the scourge of dark money fueling partisan gerrymandering, attacks on our voting rights, and the big-donor capture of the Supreme Court. Let's get it passed.

Incredible. One of the most crucial links in the supply chain, has been for years, built on the premise that some workers would provide labor for free.

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Quite amazing how @HardeepSPuri  thinks high petroleum prices will undermine global economic recovery but Modi’s 3X petroleum price at home will not tank the economy in India.

India has administered 1 billion vaccine doses, a testament to India’s innovation, ability to manufacture at scale, and the efforts of millions of health workers backed by CoWIN. Congratulations @narendramodi  @mansukhmandviya  @PMOIndia  @MoHFW_INDIA 

Dark money has already done real damage to our democracy, and it’s poised to do more. My DISCLOSE Act would shine a light on anonymous spending and make elections about voters, not donors.

1. Stocks: all-time highs 2. Home prices: all-time highs 3. Bitcoin: all-time highs 4. Wages: all-time highs 5. Job openings: all-time highs 6. PCE Inflation: highest since 1990 7. Fed: we need to hold interest rates down at 0% for another year to boost asset prices and inflation

Individuals who received #Moderna  as their primary series 6+ months earlier are eligible for a booster if they are: ➡️ 65+ years old, or ➡️ 18-64 years old at high risk of severe COVID-19, or ➡️ 18-64 years old with frequent institutional or occupational exposure to SARS-CoV-2

There’s an old, old propaganda technique of accusing your adversary of the exact wrong you are committing. Mitch is trying that here. But here’s the truth: McConnell and his right-wing donors are responsible for The Court That Dark Money Built.

I missed it at the time, but USA Today did a big investigative piece (HT: @rrpre  ) in 2017 on the poor treatment of the port truck drivers, including financing arrangements that often drove them into bankruptcy. Piece was a Pulitzer finalist.

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