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Now would be a great time to denounce this, @GOP  how embarrassing. Our party needs to be better than giving credence to these insane conspiracy theories.

New for subscribers: The stock market is entering a strong seasonal period where it tends to rise Check out today. @CNBCPro 

On this Public Health Thank You Day, I want to extend a special THANK YOU to every doctor, nurse, public health leader, and health care provider for your tireless service and dedication to keeping us healthy—especially in the midst of #COVID19 . We appreciate you! #PHTYD  #NIH 

'Chinese miners, who control over 70% of bitcoin’s hashrate or mining power, have been struggling to liquidate their crypto holdings for cash because their bank accounts and cards are being frozen by Beijing as part of its nationwide crackdown.'

Trump’s gains among Latino voters were hardly universal:

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At $492 billion, Tesla's market cap is now higher than the market cap of... GM Ford Fiat Chrysler Honda Hyundai Daimler Ferrari BMW & Volkswagen.... Combined. $TSLA Data via @ycharts 

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CEOs are exhibiting more patriotism than Republicans in Congress. My column:

#ICYMI @federalreservehosted  Exploring Careers in Economics this week. Governor Brainard and a panel of staff discussed diversity in economics. (1/2) Learn more:

Former subprime player claims he can now short the mortgage market for climate and Covid risks


Scoops of the Day

More women than ever will serve in the next Congress — and a record number of them are Republican.

Fact has been lost in fiction to perpetuate hate for an idea that has been at the core of Indian civilisation - diversity & pluralism in ideas and people.

Trump has no plan. There is no plan now, there has never been a plan. They are grifters who see a grift and instinctually grift. That’s all this is... a giant series of grifts, with a bunch of tiny grifts sprinkled all around. They will steal the silverware on Airforce One

Nehru built India and its institution. He even tried to take RSS along with him by inviting its members to his cabinet. Yet he has been so vilified by the same people who envy what he built. Today to say something positive about Nehru is to join in his imagined villainy.

For @realDonaldTrump  Fact check: States don't have more than 100% voter turnout in an election via @usatoday 

Make no mistake. Once corporates are allowed to own banks, the IBC process against big fish robbing banks will become inoperable. Banks are like dominoes: one falls, everyone falls. So the first instinct of everybody in the system will be to hide defaults from the public.

The good news is that things may look up in the 2nd half when we get widespread vaccination 3/


Scoops of the Week

Mnuchin is effectively trying to create a financial crisis, or at least make one more likely 1/

So basically we're looking at more sabotage by an administration on its way out. Never, ever suggest that Mnuchin was some kind of responsible player 4/

Fed now openly disagreeing with Treasury Secty Mnuchin: "The Federal Reserve would prefer that the full suite of emergency facilities established during the coronavirus pandemic continue to serve their important role as a backstop for our still-strained and vulnerable economy."

Should you visit family for Thanksgiving? To decide, I mapped my coronavirus bubble — I went to my first, second and third degree contacts to figure out exposure. It was enormous. We illustrated it, and you can see it here. via @nytopinion ⁩

Tesla's market cap is now $50 billion higher than Walmart. Sales... Tesla: $28 billion Walmart: $549 billion Net Income... Tesla: $556 million Walmart: $20 billion $TSLA $WMT Chart/Data via @ycharts 

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FLOOR ALERT: @HouseDemocrats  refused to advance legislation to reopen the #PaycheckProtectionProgram  (for the 40th time!), fund #coronavirus  testing/vaccines & support our police. Why is @NancyPelosi  STILL choosing politics over the pressing needs of Americans?

My statement on the presidential election.

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“New filings claim there was a Plan B the militiamen had drawn up, that involved a takeover of the Michigan capitol building by 200 combatants who would stage a week-long series of televised executions of public officials.”

Combined value of Tesla and SpaceX now over $500B. Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t transform earth and space travel at the same time.