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The inside story of how Michael Jordan and four other #NBA  owners launched the super-premium tequila brand, @CincoroTequila .

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“I want to know if somebody else has this.” For years, Dr. Lisa Sanders has written about patients with rare conditions for @NYTmag . Now watch their journeys on Diagnosis, a new @netflix  documentary series, as they search for answers.

Election Image of the Day: A comically contrived photo-op reflects the state of the campaign: reduced to scripted platitudes about the middle class #elxn43  #AndrewScheer  #cdnpoli 

The 15 Most Underrated Films of All Time According to Science*

Over the past three years, hundreds of schools have closed across Puerto Rico. Their ruins are among the most visible evidence of the island’s vicious circle of poor governance, neglect by Washington and environmental catastrophe.

Hundreds of wildfires, some visible from space, swept across the Arctic Circle this summer—and as they burned, these northern firefighters faced down the changing climate #CoveringClimateNow 


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@Rico_nastyy  cemented her status as a burgeoning style icon this New York Fashion Week. Watch as she takes behind the scenes of her experience.

"This culture of disposability and treating the Earth as just a resource is the same way that capitalism treats migrant workers as disposable and not worthy of being protected from cancerous chemicals." #CoveringClimateNow 

Today, we still deserve the truth. In light of new allegations against Justice Kavanaugh, we call for a full investigation into each allegation — survivors have a right to be heard.

I wish I had a super edit of all the times Ive acted like a loser

Kim Kardashian is Launching a Scented Candle So Your Whole House Can Smell Like KKW

You hate to see it. 📸: armeniankicks/IG

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sometimes discerning critical people have bad taste hahahahahaa

"We can learn a thing or two about the way she led her life — and it goes way beyond how to rock natural brows."


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Four shows left and that concludes four years of tour - what a crazy, crazy emotional ride. Have traveled the world and built this beautiful family. Time to finish this record, cook meals at home (find a home), sleep next to my fiancée, cuddle my dog and take care of my health.

Andrew Scheer says refugees suffering in camps shouldn't be bumped by asylum seekers at the border. Elizabeth May and Jagmeet Singh slam the Tory view. #cdnpoli  #elxn43  #firstdebate 

BTS fans doing social good in the name of RM! ❤️🎉

i used to stay up til 4a now i wake up at 6:30 life goes fast m’friends

"We are a team and we'll be together in the future, so how can I not care?"

We come from dust and return to dust. That's why I don't dust. It could be someone important.