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Elizabeth Warren’s Washington Square Park rally reeks more strongly of weed than any rally I've attended that wasn't a Ron Paul rally.

That feeling every time “High Rises” comes on. New music from @oranicuhh . Listen to her and the rest of @hillmangrad 's "Artists You Should Know":

LA neo-soul trio @thisismoonchild  is performing live and signing their new album "Little Ghost" at Amoeba Hollywood this Wednesday, Sept. 18th at 6pm! More info:

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Take it from @Tip  – dreamers need: 💭Insight 📚Information 👨🏿‍🏫Instruction #REVOLTSummit  #DreamInBlack  💫🖤

This Friday... get ready to ride... Keep your eyes on BLOOD EAGLE and Nuclear Blast Socials for details...

Free hospital parking averts 'horror stories' and financial hardship: residents and advocates

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By the mid-1920s, California had assembled a collection of 5 state parks, but it still lacked a true state parks system. As conservationists sought to add more parks & improve management, they found an unlikely ally in the automobile industry. #LostLA 

Vancouver woman sets record at prestigious French long-distance cycling event

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Scoops of the Day

So deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Ric Ocasek, lead singer of The Cars. We were honored to host him back in 2013. Rest In Peace Ric 💔

Good morning! So this story that @jaspscherer  and I wrote has stirred some controversy, with a Buzbee surrogate labeling the Chronicle an “enemy.” That’s not the case. It’s a newspaper’s job to scrutinize candidates and vet their claims. A thread:

. @NickyByrne  chatting about how they included all their kids on their newest single ‘My Blood’! 🥰😍 @westlifemusic  @DermotTodayFM  @DaveTodayFM 

Emergency stockpiles have only been used three times since the IEA was formed in 1974: 🛢️1990 🛢️2005 🛢️2011 There’s more than enough oil in the stockpiles to cover the loss of Saudi supplies for three months. After that, it gets a bit tighter

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51% of American voters say they support mass deportations of the 11 million to 22 million illegals living in the U.S. Raise your hand if you're one of the 51% 🙋🏽‍♀️

Christine Blasey Ford’s brother used to work for the firm that created Fusion GPS the firm that created the Russian Dossier 🤔

I ripped the NYT yesterday for not mentioning that woman in supposed 2nd Kavanaugh exposure told friends she didn't remember such an incident, though it's in the reporters' book. Now the paper has run a correction

A grown up approach to tackling air pollution. 🔎 Learn more about global pollution: #mexico  #environment 

Cameron may have fought Brexit. But it was his policies that made it happen | John Harris

Who does this woman think she is demanding Israel to do ANYTHING? They DO NOT care what this anti-semite thinks. She's a freshman congresswoman serving MN's 5th district, not Palestine. Who else can't wait to see her indicted for immigration fraud?🙋‍♀️


Scoops of the Week

Want a record of every strange car on your block, and all your neighbors' comings and goings too? Advanced license-plate readers are now part of our paranoid suburban lifestyle, reports @SamAugustDean 

Trump campaign flies “Socialism will kill Houston’s economy! Vote Trump 2020” banner over Houston before the debate tonight Epic! No one out trolls Trump. No one. 😎 👏 👏 👏 Liberals in Houston are losing their minds right now 😂😂😂 #Trump2020  #KAG 

The Commander is spot on! What Liberals Did To Kavanaugh Is "Satanic To The Core" They Are Heartless, Faithless, Senseless, Ruthless. There Is No God, And No Fear Of God In Their Eyes - Phil Robertson

40% of Denmark’s electricity now comes from wind. 📕 Read more: #denmark  #renewableenergy 

This is the intention of Common Core, to over complicate, confuse, and drain the confidence of children. RETWEET if you agree with taking Obama's Common Core out of our public school system!

Incredible news and a well deserved accolade for our team there... some of the hardest working people in the industry. Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York is named best in the world

Seriously. The Liberal bus just crashed into the Liberal plane wing.

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Interesting that Engineer’s Day is being celebrated on a Sunday. I guess the brains of Engineers truly are at work even on holidays! At Mahindra, we celebrate all our past and present engineers, and as this film shows, we are cheering on all our future engineers as well!

Barack Obama used to be Barry Soetoro Ilhan Omar used to be Ilhan Elmi Kirsten Gillibrand used to be Tina Rutnik Bill deBlasio used to be Warren Wilhelm Kamala Harris used to be Maya Harrison Elizabeth Warren used to be Liz Herring Dems always pretend to be someone else!

Radical socialism on stage tonight in Houston as the Dems debate yet again. Follow these @TeamTrump  accounts for the truth the #FakeNews  media won’t tell you! @parscale  @TimMurtaugh  @kayleighmcenany  @marc_lotter  @TrumpWarRoom  @KatrinaPierson  @MattWolking  @jepence  @Surabees