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President @realDonald Trump has a strong instinct of what is right and what is wrong. Most politicians convene focus groups and consult political advisors. Trump acts with decisiveness based on an instinctual understanding of the way things should be. @yaf 

Brad Pitt speaks about his battle with alcoholism during new interview

IN ONE MONTH! Come see the @fathomevents  screening of #JayAndSilentBobReboot  on OCTOBER 15th at a theater near you and get this cock-knockin’ poster FREE (while supplies last)! And the show on Oct 17th is a double feature with “J&SB Strike Back”! Tix here:

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If @lrpeoples  says come to the , I #TeenVogueSummituess  that means we're going! 🚀✨ Join us November 1-3 in LA ➡️

Couples who coordinate together, stay together? If that's true, Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter have it down.

@TheEllenShow , how do we bottle your essence and sprinkle it on the world? Congrats on your #PCAs  nom for #TheDaytimeTalkShow  of 2019.

Life styles of the drunk and famous, 🤔🥃 #lecheminduroi  #bransoncognac  drink responsibly

She glowin now because she no longer gonna let anyone bring her down 🍯


Scoops of the Day

No matter how much you do for some people they will turn on you. Their demons are stronger than them. Just get them dumb motherfuckers away from you. #lecheminduroi  #bransoncognac 

ICYMI: Our full interview with Liberal Democrat leader @joswinson  this morning. (The one everyone's gasping about...) Watch it & decide for yourself if they should still have 'Democrats' in their party name. @GMB  @susannareid100 

His obsession with Obama will never end. His thirst to have the respect Obama has will never be quenched. He will never make his wife feel the way Obama does.

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Attention LA⚡We’re back playing #CitiSoundVault  at @thepalladium  THIS SATURDAY, 9/21! Citi cardmembers can buy exclusive tickets for the show. Register now thru 9/18 @ 10pm PST. Tickets on sale 9/20. 🤘

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*NEW: The @nytimes  is now so partisan it is smearing Brett Kavanaugh with sex assault 'victims' that don't even remember him assaulting them. It's a shameful disgrace. My column:

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Yesterday I Saw a Homeless Man 🧹ing The Dirt Where He Lay.He Was An Elegant Man In Shabby Clothes I Felt Great Respect For Him.Then I Thought Of The Lowlife Criminal In The White House.HE Should Be Forced 2 Sleep In The Dirt With The Rest Of His Sycophantic,Scum. KAVANAUGH☠️

The attitude with which we greet the day says a great deal about what the day will be like.

👀Nah I ain’t wit it, 🤨fuck around and get stuck and start floating in wrong direction. LOL #lecheminduroi  #bransoncognac 

*TOMORROW, ITV, 9PM* An extraordinary interview with @Cristiano . Inspiring, moving, funny & revealing. We covered a lot of stuff, and people will see a very different side to the man they may think they know.

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Scoops of the Week

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The media Left does all it can to destroy the life of people like #BrettKavanaugh  who oppose them. How come no one on our side is working overtime to destroy THEIR lives?

Who is this cowardly pr*ck? Let’s find him.

Despite what the Left says, President@realDonaldTrump  has an uncanny truthfulness to him: 👉🏻 What he campaigned on, he does. 👉🏻 What he says he's going to do, he does. This makes him more reliable than other politicians. @yaf 

I get why everyone gets mad when rich person X gets a short sentence and poor person of color Y gets a long one. The answer isn't for X to get more; it's for both of them to get less (or even none!!!) We should level down not up.

Of course reporters for major progressive outlets knew Christine Blasey Ford’s dad supported Kavanaugh. In a story of this magnitude, they must have investigated how her family responded. Yet not one of them reported it. #FakeNews  covers up as much as it reveals

Here’s an idea: When a party wins more votes, but fewer seats, it triggers an automatic nonpartisan remapping. The 59 million Americans living under entrenched minority rule deserve nothing less.

George W. Bush said he could be the “last Republican President.” Think of what that says about the demoralized state of our party before @realDonaldTrump  came along. No, you #NeverTrump  morons, we haven’t “lost our way.” We finally found a way to win, no thanks to you!

Andrew McCabe in handcuffs. I’m excited at the prospect. Equal justice under the law, baby. Who’s next?