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In Kenosha and Milwaukee, seeing Wisconsinites come together reminded me of what unites us. This is a day for celebration. Happy Juneteenth!

💉 85% of refugees live in low and middle-income countries, with limited access to vaccines.   💉No one is safe until all of us are safe.  #WorldRefugeeDay 

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Olympian, student, refugee. Yonas Kinde reminds us this #WorldRefugeeDay  that together, we can achieve anything.

All the #WorldRefugeeDay  action. One live blog. Stay up to date on all the events from around the world as we celebrate refugees today!

Two giants... and may Al’s memory be a blessing.

In the footsteps of the leaders who came before us, It is past time to build a more fair and equitable society. We cannot rest until the ideals promised in our Constitution are a reality for all.

Nearly 4 lakh people have died in India since the beginning of the pandemic. #CoronavirusPandemic  @AneeshaMathur )

“He was our constant, cherished companion during the last 13 years and was adored by the entire Biden family." #Trending 

During the pandemic, refugee doctors, nurses, health-care technicians and volunteers have helped fight #COVID19 . Sunday is #WorldRefugeeDay . via @Refugees 

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Scoops of the Day

On #Juneteenth , we pause to commemorate news of the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation reaching slaves in Texas in 1865. It marks the realization of a dream deferred.  May we carry the lessons of our past with us in our continued pursuit of a fair and equitable future for all.

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Black history is American history and in every corner of our city you will find a rich legacy of the march towards freedom and justice. #Juneteenth 

The best way to celebrate #Juneteenth  is to get focused, get educated, and realize we are in a fight to protect our right to vote. 14 states are already trying to advance voter suppression laws, and that number will only grow. Let’s celebrate, but let's act. End the filibuster!

💡 From learning the ABCs to learning mathematics, refugee children deserve access to education for brighter futures. An important message from our Goodwill Ambassador@GhazalMia  on this #WorldRefugee  Day.

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This is the first time I’ve heard someone acknowledge the idea that trump wants to become speaker. I’m very surprised McCarthy has acknowledged this publicly.

“Donald Trump’s trips to his Bedminster golf club as president cost U.S. taxpayers more than $2.4 million, according to U.S. Secret Service records obtained by NJ Advance Media.”

I was proud to join @CMFarahLouis  & @AMBichotte  at Brooklyn Public Library to celebrate the first #Juneteenth  as a federal holiday Today we recognize the horrors of slavery & the systemic racism that remains in our country I will continue to fight bigotry & racism in all forms

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If you want to back the blue, back the red, white, and blue first.

This is pretty clearly a smart move for both Garcia and Yang. Also arguably a flaw in ranked choice voting that these sorts of strategic alliances can matter.

This is just odd. 🧐 Who puts out rules saying “NO AUDITS ALLOWED!!” Only those with something to hide. If a company said “WE REFUSE TO BE AUDITED,” would you invest in them? (And to the straw man re “sham” audits, of course, don’t have a sham. But real audits are good.)


Scoops of the Week

If completed, the Biden-Putin Pipeline will be a generational geopolitical loss for America. #NordStream2 

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Even Wuhan Scientist Dr. Shi admits her Dr. Fauci -funded NIH research was gain of function:  according to her own words, the virus they created: “shows a gain in pathogenesis . . . .”

GOP senators call for HHS and NIH to hand over records on COVID-19 origins and Wuhan lab

Today New York State reached our goal of 70% adult vaccination. That means we can return to life as we know it. Effective immediately, state-mandated COVID restrictions are lifted across commercial and social settings.

Dr. Fauci sure doesn’t seem to be on TV as much anymore.

“I have access to a hit squad, too, Ukrainians and Russians … don't get caught out in public supporting Luna. … Luna’s gonna go down and I hope it's by herself.”

We can’t lose sight of what abortion really is: the ending of a human life.

Tonight on the Senate floor, I started the process to bring critical voting rights legislation up for a vote next week.

Tucker Carlson's theory that the FBI organized the Capitol riot is a remarkable conspiracy theory even for him