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With more than 1% of humanity currently displaced, supporting refugees should be a global shared responsibility. Complementary pathways provide legal and safe ways for refugees to move to another country and restart their lives in dignity.

At Vijay Ghat, paid tributes to Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji, who has made indelible contributions to India’s history.

What does your luck look like this week (October 2 to October 8)? Find out in this weekly horoscope. Read more: #Horoscope 

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A #SpecialInvestigationTeam  has arrested one more accused in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in Kanpur. @Simerchawla20 

The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence seized 198 kg of crystal methamphetamine and 9 kg of #cocaine  worth 1,476 crores in #Maharashtra ’s Navi Mumbai. @arvindojha  @TanseemHaider 

The government has scrapped an export tax on jet fuel and halved export duties on diesel to 5 rupees per litre from Sunday, a government notification said.

#UN Secretary-General#AntonioGuterres , on the occasion of #GandhiJayanti , said the world can overcome challenges by embracing Mahatma Gandhi's values and working across cultures.

Florida woman says she has killed ‘two or three’ snakes in Hurricane Ian flood waters


Scoops of the Day

It's the first day of LGBTIQ+ History Month. Our message hasn’t changed: No one should be forced to flee home because of who they are. Today. Tomorrow. Every day. We stand with LGBTIQ+ refugees around the world.

Secretary-General @antonioguterres  is deeply concerned about the unfolding developments in Burkina Faso. He strongly condemns any attempt to seize power by the force of arms. Full statement:

But my parents toiled to taught me, when you love your neighbor, when you love others, (especially those others deemed unloveable, ignored, condemned, scorned) it is a great and worthy prayer of gratitude that you can give God.

What happened to pro-life activist Mark Houck was OUTRAGEOUS! Merrick Garland has done more damage to the credibility of the DOJ and FBI than any Attorney General in history.

Packed house at a Mexican restaurant in Mesa, AZ where @KariLake ⁩ will soon appear for an Ask Me Anything event.

This #InternationalCoffeeDay  ☕ have some coffee with Freweyni, a refugee in Sudan. Here, she prepares a traditional Habesha coffee at her coffee shop. Freweyni uses the profits to supplement her humanitarian assistance and support others, including unaccompanied children.

Thank you @SecYellen   for being the keynote speaker at the Vermont Women's Economic Opportunity Conference today. Your perseverance and dedication to service and academia are inspiring to us all. #LeahyWEOC   #25thVermontWEOC 

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Stay safe when you return home! Be careful when cleaning up & know how to use a generator safely. If you want to help those affected by Ian, please do not self-deploy. Cash donations are the best option. Find trusted orgs at . 4/4

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ukrainian troops enter previously russian-occupied city of lyman with a decidedly monty python vibe


Scoops of the Week

Hearing @lizzo  play some of the Library's priceless antique instruments on Monday was such a gift, and we were honored and happy to help her share that gift with her concert audience Tuesday night. Here is some more behind-the-scenes footage of her Library tour. #LizzoAtLOC 

Today Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson is my star – my harbinger of hope. Grateful and joyful to witness history today at the Supreme Court.

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Iran is selling weapons to Russia to use against our Ukrainian allies. Nothing the Biden administration has done is working to stop those weapons. Why hasn’t the Biden Administration imposed sanctions on the Iranian banks that fund and facilitate those sales?

The Electoral Count Reform Act is horrible policy. It will decrease the ability of Congress to address the problem of voter fraud.

Nord Stream 2 appears to have been sabotaged and is currently leaking into the sea. This didn't have to happen. Biden waived sanctions I authored that would have stopped the pipeline from ever being completed.

Today the Senate unanimously passed my bipartisan FDA Modernization Act 2.0 to end animal testing mandates! This is an important step toward innovation and ending the needless suffering and death of animal test subjects.

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We’ve been told that the FBI retaliated against a whistleblower for speaking to Congress about DOJ’s spying on parents at school board meetings. This is illegal. Period.

a helpful reminder for any confused russians out there

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The Left is mad at @GlennYoungkin  because he thinks biological boys shouldn't be playing sports against biological girls. How is that even controversial?

I believe we should be free to compete in a FAIR space - not a socially engineered, liberal "safe space." That's what I'll continue to fight for in Washington.