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This animation shows the workings of a promising #COVID19  vaccine created by Novavax and featured in the 6 November issue of Science. The vaccine is now being tested in large clinical trials. Learn more: @ScienceVisuals  #WeekendReads 

#ICYMI October kept alive 2020’s streak of having every month fall in the top-five hottest on record.

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Feel terrible for all my Cal folks. On the other hand, I tend not to root against David Shaw. Kind of a Dusty-Astros thing.

Here's a look at the Saturday forecast for the continental U.S.

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The remarkable papal encyclical Laudato Si is, five years on, filtering down through the sprawling global network that is Catholicism. That's important.

Here are the Saturday morning forecast low temperatures for the contiguous U.S.

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‘There are lots of people for whom chemistry doesn’t feel part of their everyday lives, for whom it is (or was) something to be avoided at all costs at school’

‘The quintessential British ritual of afternoon tea began around 1840’ – The art of baking the perfect cake might be more scientific than you thought

‘This is a vaccine that can be used across the entire world, particularly low- and middle-income countries’

‘Switching from plastic liners to plastic particles only makes the problem bigger’ – Fanya Ismail is working to help solve our plastics problem

My preschooler has a classmate that's now covid positive (not in his classroom) and two others awaiting test results (in his classroom) and the school communicates exclusively by Shutterfly and I am just so tired of everything

‘The most significant threat to science right now is the diminishing trust in experts, compared to trust in peers and social media, which is giving rise to an anti-enlightenment’


Scoops of the Week

BREAKING: The GSA has informed president-elect Joe Biden the administration is ready to begin the formal transition process, according to a letter from administrator Emily Murphy sent Monday afternoon and obtained by @KristenhCNN 

View/download our 2020 Atlantic#HurricaneSeason  'By the Numbers' infographic + more images at: @NWS 

The tornado warning for Dallas County has been CANCELED. A severe thunderstorm warning remains until 9:45PM. Damaging winds up to 60 MPH are still possible. #wfaaweather 

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A western storm system will produce gusty winds with Critical fire weather threats in portions of the Southwest, and rain and mountain snow. Showers, including a wintry mix in the Northeast, thunderstorms, and gusty winds will continue to move eastward across the eastern U.S.

Santa Ana winds in Southern California today - gusting as high at 75mph - combined with very dry conditions, will make for dangerous fire weather conditions. If fire ignition occurs, conditions will be favorable for rapid fire spread, long range spotting, & extreme fire behavior

According to leaked emails, the Department of Health and Social Care were aware of a study highlighting concerns about the tests’ performance before they confirmed the £75 million contract

Rapid and overwhelming change in the world threatens people's sense of self and identity. To cope, they seek out stronger group identification and information that confirms what they already believe, which creates a breeding ground for conspiracy theories.

Public tolerance of inaccurate and undefended allegations, non sequiturs in response to hard questions, and outright denials of facts is shockingly high. This means that politicians can lie with impunity.

We need rapid testing. We need it now, and we need it everywhere. According to new research by @michaelmina_lab , quick covid tests that don't require sending away to lab could wipe out the coronavirus in a matter of weeks. THIS CAN BE DONE.

🌱 We have sprouts!🌱 Radish plants are pictured growing inside the Columbus laboratory module's Plant Habitat-02 aboard the @Space_Station . The radishes were sent up with the #Cygnus  spacecraft that launched on the Antares rocket from Wallops. More info:

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