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‘DoE is the most effective way to empirically learn about technologies when there are many variables or factors to consider’ – Register now for your last chance at catching our educational webinar series with @JMP_software :

“Limited reduction in emissions during 2020, at a time of profound change to economic and social activity due to the Covid-19 pandemic, highlights the scale of action needed"

One day last week Children’s Hospital Ireland reported its busiest day ever, with 620 children seen across the three Dublin paediatric hospitals.

Ireland’s carbon emissions cut ‘really disappointing’ in 2020

A new report paints a picture of abusive behaviours across Ireland's arts sector, often against women and freelancers in precarious roles, without supports or anywhere to turn

Woman ‘shoplifted items from Penneys’, moments before court shoplifting charges

How do you feel about the lifting of restrictions? Let us know

“If you look at the modelling and projections from Nphet, they are forecasting potentially 1,000 people in hospital and 150 people in ICU."

"Halyna Hutchins (42), director of photography, and Joel Souza (48), director, were shot when a prop firearm was discharged by Alec Baldwin (68), producer and actor,” the police said in a statement.


Scoops of the Day

JUST IN: What conditions could you expect in your neck of the woods this #WINTER ? Check out NOAA’s #WinterOutlook  2021-2022 issued today by @NWSCPC :

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Understanding the incarceration of Black Americans today requires tracing its history back to the end of slavery in the mid 19th Century, a new #ScienceReview  argues. It also highlights a link between the exploitation of Black Americans and labor demand.

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ONE STEP CLOSER ➡️ Yesterday, @NASA_Orion  was lifted and placed atop @NASA_SLS  for the #Artemis  I mission inside of the Vehicle Assembly Building. Work is currently underway to fully secure the spacecraft to the rocket. Check out the full video:

Powerful new report: plastics is the new coal! By 2030 plastics production the US will produce more greenhouse gas emissions than coal-fired electricity. Unless we stop it

🚁 Now that conjunction is over, #MarsHelicopter  can attempt flight 14. Ingenuity successfully performed a 50 rpm spin test this week & will do a short hop no earlier than Oct. 23. This is to test out flying in lower atmospheric densities on the Red Planet

Burn scars from wildfires increase the risk of debris flows, which can destroy homes in their path. Be aware of your surroundings and stay #WeatherReady  by having multiple ways to receive weather alerts.

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Remember Elio Motors? It touted an 84 mpg car of the future. Buyers put down millions in deposits. But no one ever received a vehicle. Our investigation here:

Did you know that your local National Weather Service office is on social media? Each of our 122 local offices posts the latest forecasts, Watches, and Warnings for the local area. Find yours at #WeatherReady 

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This seems like something that was rejected as a Silicon Valley story arc because it’s too ridiculous. Tech co. wants to sell flash-frozen coffee cubes, shipped in dry ice, for $2/pop to high end coffee fans. Let’s unpack why this is inane…

The team found that in the hydrogen evolution reaction, 3% tensile strain increased catalytic activity by around 50% while compressive strain reduced it


Scoops of the Week

🤩 @NASA_ Orion has entered the chat. The Orion spacecraft has arrived at the Vehicle Assembly Building! It'll soon be integrated with @NASA_SLS , completing assembly of the rocket for the #Artemis  I mission:

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Elon Musk is giving $100 million to anyone who can find a way to pull carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere or oceans and sequester it durably and sustainably. Personally, I think $100 million is a bargain.

Last year, General Colin Powell joined @jaketapper ⁩ on #CNNSOTU  where he discussed our constitution, foreign affairs and endorsed Joe Biden for President.

If you’ve submitted or reviewed an NSF proposal in the past two years, we want to hear from you! Check your email today for a link to a brief survey regarding your experience with the NSF merit review process.

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number of people in the United States vaccinated against the coronavirus: 189,141,481 number of breakthrough COVID-19 deaths, under the age of 65: 1,074 source:

Rockefeller divested early, and Ford divested today--the two great fortunes of the early combustion era, saying plainly that fossil fuel is in...the rear view mirror.

Liz Cheney now is one by one laying out Trump's false claims. Calling him out directly for complicity in Jan. 6.

Biden tells House Democrats tuition-free community college is out of economic package | @mkraju ⁩ & @Phil_Mattingly ⁩

NWS employees with disabilities use their knowledge and experience to build a weather-ready nation for all. We are genuinely grateful for their contributions. Read about NWS careers at #NDEAM 

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