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All is not well in the world of Irish banking, writes Conor Pope

Comments come as report in decisions made by planning body referred to DPP by Minister

Thousands of bed spaces offered to accommodate Ukrainian refugees by the Department of Housing were already occupied by people fleeing the conflict in their home country

I wonder if anyone counts as a strong candidate for both James Bond and University Challenge presenter.

The mother of child cancer survivor Saoirse Ruane - who made a star appearance on RTÉ's Late Late Toy Show 20 months ago - said that when her daughter was diagnosed with a second life-threatening tumour she was 'so cross with God'

Yeahhh… I don’t know if the tweeter or Betfair are having the laugh here, but I doubt they’d go for anyone from a comic background. If odds were available I’d place a small amount on the excellent @MishalHusain ⁩.

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Ukraine’s youth are ready to party — but with a wartime twist


Scoops of the Day

Nominations for the #PAESMEM  2022-2023 Awards are now open. If you know an exceptional #STEM  mentor deserving of recognition, nominate them today.

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Our former tropical wave continues to move westward across southern TX, bringing welcome rain to the region. However, heavy rains could bring rapid flash flooding to the drought-stricken area as well. #TurnAroundDontDrown 

US homicide, after dropping for 25 years, lurched upward in 2020. Not as bad as 60s-80s, and I expect it will come back down as pols, prosecutors, police, & public start to deal with it. (Hate crimes & violence against women tend to correlate over years w homicide rates.)

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Welp, it's almost time, better hurry up and mute #BetterCallSaul  and about 20 other terms and try to survive until tomorrow morning

Revelations when you go to mute things: you see the old mutes. Still on my list from whenever that was a thing: Gorilla Glue 😬

Catholic Church in Ireland has sent synthesis of 26 diocesan reports calling for major change to Rome

‘Intense thunderstorm activity’ across Ireland as heatwave ends

Woman dies after road traffic accident in Mayo on Monday evening

Man (26) assaulted in suspected homophobic attack on Dublin Bus


Scoops of the Week

(1 of 5) Just in: Earth had its 6th-warmest #July  on record. July also marked the 2nd consecutive month of record-low #Antarctic  sea ice coverage: @NOAANCEI  #StateOfClimate  #Climate 

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Garland says DOJ filed motion to unseal search warrant of Mar-a-Lago

@NASA  is targeting as soon as 9 pm EDT of Tuesday, Aug. 16 for rollout of @NASA_SLS_SLS  ahead of a targeted Aug #Artemis  29 I launch. Learn more:

Tonight is the STURGEON Supermoon! The Sturgeon Moon earned its name, tracing back to Native American tribes, because large numbers of giant sturgeon were caught in the Great Lakes & Lake Champlain during this time in the summer. 📷Sturgeon moon in WY & 📷Lake sturgeon by USFWS

US Capitol Police statement, confirming my reporting w some good clarifications here: - the car became engulfed in flames after hitting the barricade And new information: - the man *fired* shots into the air - police heard shots and then responded

Unfortunately, North Texas won't see anything from a tropical disturbance in the Gulf. The system likely won't become a depression or tropical storm, but South Texas to the Rio Grande Valley will see some beneficial rain over the next few days. #wfaaweather 

In The Omnivore’s Dilemma, we also need to know about the health of young krill in the wild and what types of food are available to them out there. So we conducted a research cruise in June this year to figure these things out. #TakeoverNSF 

Krill plays a major role in the carbon cycle in the deep ocean. As they graze on plankton at the ocean’s surface, their carbon-packed poop sinks to the deep, where it can be trapped for 1000s of yrs. #DYK  Krill 💩balances out carbon emitted from 35 million cars a yr! #takeoverNSF 

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Wondering how deep Europe's drought is? Here's the Loire river today, east of Nantes, via @Desomag 

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