Reza Aslan

Reza Aslan

The little beast Reza Aslan is a scholar of what, exactly? Evil! - Pamela Geller

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Thank you @Sulliview ⁩ for reminding us that literally no one is more responsible for the cancer that is Donald Trump than Jeff Zucker. He deserves the same lifelong scorn as all the other Trumpists. Never Forget

Hmmm.... who else celebrated Trump’s followers trying to run Biden’s campaign bus off the road? I can’t remember his name. Only that he’s a tiny little weasel human from Florida currently acting like a judge in this impeachment.

“Haley might not have a sculpted worldview; she may not have immovable convictions. But she does have an apparent humanity about her.” This is where we’re at: the nicest thing you can say about a Republican is that she has an “apparent” humanity about her

The Pentagon had to wait until now to promote two women to Four-Star Generals because the previous president was such a rapey, misogynist, piece of shit.

Hey jerk offs. Stop tweeting at me. I posted this 7 hours ago.

Excited to announce that @BoomGenStudios ⁩ new comedy series #UnitedStatesOfAL  premiers Thursday April 1 at 9:30 on @CBS  Check it out!

In case you were wondering whether we should take these imbeciles seriously on any subject ever again

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John Ratcliffe, Trump’s former director of national intelligence: “For all the complaints that you heard about the election in 2020, the complaint that no one said was, ‘It was too difficult to vote,’ ”


Trump knew within minutes no missile was hurtling toward Hawaii. He was golfing. They told him. He did not tweet out that info. He kept golfing. People thought they & their families were going to die FOR 38 MINS. Then when the panic was over he tweeted how media is so mean to him

Hey Media! Stop asking why Trump would retweet a racist white nationalist hate monger, as though you don’t really know the answer. It is because TRUMP IS A RACIST WHITE NATIONALIST HATE MONGER. It’s not complicated.

Reminder: 81% of White Evangelicals voted for a man who can't name a single Bible verse & stands against everything Jesus ever said or did.

Wait. Did I miss something? Did George Conway pay money to have sex with a porn star right after his wife gave birth?

This is pretty much exactly how how I imagined Trump’s America.

Muslim man who stockpiled weapons & bomb material freed on bond. Just kidding it was a white neo-Nazi named Brandon.

"Appreciate the congrats." 50 dead you soulless creep.