Mike Pence

States want to correct their votes, which they now know were based on irregularities and fraud, plus corrupt process never received legislative approval. All Mike Pence has to do is send them back to the States, AND WE WIN. Do it Mike, this is a time for extreme courage!

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Mike Pence

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New doc I released recently is latest evidence of deep biz ties btwn Hunter Biden & Chinese businessman linked to communist regime+ further supports findings in my report w Sen Johnson from last yr When is media going to wake up to these well documented entanglements???

"In Michigan’s third-largest county, Macomb, Republicans appointed to the canvassing board a GOP poll challenger who tweeted after the 2020 election that Trump should suspend the electoral college and have 'military tribunals' investigate election fraud."

Senate Dems have tried to rush consideration of the annual defense bill in favor of their reckless tax & spending spree. Over 900 amendments and not a single floor vote. Our troops deserve better. Our national security requires it. #NDAA 

NEW – Because of Amazon's illegal, union-busting tactics, Amazon workers are getting a second shot at unionizing. This is what the #PROAct  is all about – holding corporations accountable when they use dirty tactics to shut down worker organizing drives.

Rep. Debbie Dingell’s district office was broken into and vandalized, per statement from her office

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#Exclusive with Dr Angelique Coetzee, chair South African medical association who identified new #COVIDstrain , #Omicron . Be alert not alarmist is the message but with a warning.. #NewsToday  with @sardesairajdeep  | Full show: #ITVideo  #RE 

We secured a historic $15B in the infrastructure bill we passed to remove toxic lead pipes in NY and the US. I stood with @NydiaVelazquez , labor unions, and environmental justice groups to explain how with this $$$ we can GET THE LEAD OUT and create thousands of union jobs.

If you pay your rent, electricity, or phone bills on time, you should be able to build credit.   I'm working toward solutions—like my Credit Access & Inclusion Act—that will help close the wealth gap by enabling credit-worthy individuals to build equity and achieve their dreams.

To the extent that I had an agenda in mind when tweeting those 2006 documents, it was mostly just to illustrate the point that Democrats have moved left considerably on a range of policy issues over the past 15 years despite so much continuity in personnel.