Nevada Clark County

A judge in Nevada has ordered Clark County officials to allow an inspection of the elections equipment and sealed containers used in the 2020 election by 1:00 P.M. tomorrow. @RichardGrenell  @AdamLaxalt  @mschlapp 

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Nevada Clark County

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From her days as a professional liar for the Bush/Cheney WH and campaign, now as a beloved-by-liberals MSNBC host, @NicolleDWallace  has for two decades been the Typhoid Mary of Disinformation. Nobody spreads it more. Our mini-documentary will be up today. The trailer, by @0rf :

The 5th Circuit just gutted the SEC's power to enforce securities law — meaning all other agencies’ enforcement power is now at risk. That means the government has essentially lost the ability to enforce regulations, something conservatives have been working towards for decades.

The Senate just passed the House-passed bill to address the baby formula shortage by helping parents who rely on the federal nutrition program WIC The crisis has especially hurt parents and children in underserved communities—and this bill to help is on its way to @POTUS’s desk

Does sometimes feel like nothing definitive is gonna happen until S&P touches bear market territory. The bottom has to be tested. Results of the test, of course, may not be good. Index remains around 19% down from Jan. high. So 1% away from the🐻.

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I wish Democrats would have a hearing on Soros DAs who get into office and then refuse to prosecute violent criminals. But that hearing doesn’t fit the Democrat political agenda.

Johnny Depp attorney refuses to answer 75 questions from her lawyers

We need to continue calling and rooting out hate wherever and whenever we see it. Far too many American lives have been lost to this senseless, hate-fueled violence. We in the Senate have a moral obligation to act. It's about damn time we did.

Madison Cawthorn has just written that “the time for gentile politics as usual has come to an end."

@USAmbUN : “The global food security situation is dire and made all the more urgent by recent events. Famine is preventable.” Read more on the Global Food Security Call to Action Roadmap:

The Supreme Court blocked OSHA's ability to enforce a vaccine-or-testing mandate. And now, the Fifth Circuit gutted the SEC's ability to prosecute people for securities fraud. Make no mistake: right-wing courts are coming after the regulations that protect us in our daily lives.