Election / David Kelly / Georgia Saturday

No, the 2020 Election was a total scam, we won by a lot (and will hopefully turn over the fraudulent result), but we must get out and help David and Kelly, two GREAT people. Otherwise we are playing right into the hands of some very sick people. I will be in Georgia on Saturday!

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Election / David Kelly / Georgia Saturday

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Yes, Democracy Can Deliver. Yes, Democracy Has Delivered.

Here is why the words of the wise Chanakya hold true today, especially in the context of the UN.

Over the last few days, have had productive bilateral and multilateral engagements, interaction with CEOs and the UN address. I am confident the India-USA relationship will grow even stronger in the years to come. Our rich people-to-people linkages are among our strongest assets.

I invite the world- Come, Make Vaccines in India!

Welcome home, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor. You’ve shown incredible strength, resilience, and perseverance. Know that Canadians across the country will continue to be here for you, just as they have been.

The Build Back Better plan contains historic tax cuts for the middle class—impacting more than 50 million families. That’s what I call giving folks the tools they need to thrive. That’s what I’m fighting for in the Senate.

Big banks have put trillions into financing fossil fuel exploration, drilling & trading—worsening the #ClimateCrisis  & putting our financial system at risk. I urged the Asst Secretary for Financial Institutions nominee to use every tool at @USTreasury  to address climate change.

Congress sent Bill of Rights to the States today 1789:

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