Biden / Pennsylvania / Wisconsin / Michigan / Country

They are finding Biden votes all over the place — in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. So bad for our Country!

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Biden / Pennsylvania / Wisconsin / Michigan / Country

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The Senate can’t just ignore voter suppression. Americans deserve better.

There is no situation in which child marriage is consensual. The day a girl is married, her entire future is compromised. Will you take a stand against child marriage for #16days  of Activism? #OrangeTheWorld  v @UN_Women 

Biden’s inflation and supply chain crisis won’t spare your Christmas tree this year. 

When I say the bipartisan infrastructure law is going to create good-paying job opportunities in Washington state, that will happen by: 🔋 Building electric charging stations, ⚡ Updating our energy grid, 🛣️ Repairing and rebuilding our roads and bridges, 👷 And so much more

There are so many things in the Build Back Better bill that will improve the quality of life for families across the country. The Senate needs to move quickly to pass it and send it to @PresElectBiden’ desk for signature.

Congratulations to Houston and Dan. A great partnership that will bring so much to North Minneapolis

The oldest grift in the book — disagreeing with people about stuff sometimes.

One lesson from the history of air pollution is that if you allow people to do things that are personally profitable but socially destructive they will do it in large quantities and cause considerable aggregate harm even though each individual act seems relatively harmless.

Our swim teammate, Maurine Kornfeld, turned 100 today. She’s a world record holder and a champion. Most of all, she’s a really good friend.

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