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It shouldn't matter what age you are. No one needs an AR-15 or any other assault weapon designed to massacre people. When we had an assault weapons ban from 1994-2004, mass shootings went down 43%. After it expired, mass shootings tripled. End the filibuster. Ban assault weapons.

TX Gov. Abbott at Uvalde news conference on what he was told about school shooting: "I was misled... I am livid."

I’m begging my colleagues. Work with us. Do not accept this as the new normal. Do not accept that we are powerless to change this.

TX Gov. Greg Abbott cuts off reporters asking about shooting, investigation. Wants to first discuss benefits available, for example - someone's glasses broke in the chaos, and he wants everyone to know they are covered. This is really happening live. @CNN 

Jury hears closing arguments in Johnny Depp’s defamation case against Amber Heard

Trump hinting at a much more militaristic policing approach if he becomes president again in this NRA speech.

Sister of Texas gunman ‘flatly refused’ to buy him weapons in 2021, police say

Fish and chip shops ‘at risk’ as UK plans Russian seafood sanctions

School police officer ‘was not on scene’ for Texas shooting then drove past suspect