Donald J. Trump

John, thank you. Such a great honor!

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Every American deserves to look up in the sky and not see Chinese military aircraft flying freely over their home

Inflation is down. Job market is booming. Real wages are up. And the GOP is focusing on drag shows. Go figure.

MAGA Republicans are trying to distract from real issues Americans want solved—like the debt ceiling—by cooking up a silly, shameless, and desperate narrative that Democrats are coming for your gas stove.

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I have always worked toward common ground solutions that the American people and majority of Congress support. We can get something meaningful done if we do our jobs and come together.

The fallout from the Bruen decision is increasingly terrifying. This decision says that the Constitution protects domestic abusers with active restraining orders against them (!!!) from having their guns taken away.

The Democrats don’t care about the illegal aliens who are dying when they’re smuggled across the border. They continue to let it happen over and over again. It’s wrong.

Boris Johnson's five bizarre claims in cringeworthy interview with superfan Nadine Dorries

I’m glad Governor Abbott is stepping up and securing the border to protect Texans. This wouldn’t be necessary if the Biden Administration would do their job. #BidenBorderCrisis 

Pakistan's central bank said on Friday that its foreign exchange reserves have dropped by 16.1 per cent to USD 3.09 billion at the end of the last fiscal week, the lowest in nearly 10 years.

Biden is not candidate for anything (technically) but he's giving a stump in front of a "Biden Harris" backdrop; There are signs that read "GO JOE" on one side and "KAMALA" on the other; And when he asks, "Are you with me?" the crowd replies with chants of "Four more years!"