Middle East / Muslim-Majority Kosovo Israel / Islamic Arab

Another great day for peace with Middle East – Muslim-majority Kosovo and Israel have agreed to normalize ties and establish diplomatic relations. Well-done! More Islamic and Arab nations will follow soon!

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Middle East / Muslim-Majority Kosovo Israel / Islamic Arab

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So @senatemajldr  leads his caucus to unanimously oppose the debt ceiling increase he passed 3X under Trump, while he was adding $8 trillion in debt. And in the House, i @GOPLeader  whipping his troops against a bipartisan infrastructure bill, passed by 67 senators.

Trump racked up ~$8T in new debt Rather than pay the bills—Senate Republicans voted to default They solidified themselves as the party of default It'll be people & families who pay the price We'll take further action this week to raise the debt ceiling and avoid economic harm

Cassidy and Kennedy vote against bill to keep government open and raise debt ceiling. Bill includes disaster aid for their home states. Murkowski and Collins also NO votes. Appears to be straight party lines amid clash with Dems over debt ceiling

Social Security checks, Child Tax Credit payments, and servicemembers’ paychecks would be at risk.   With so much at stake, we cannot allow partisanship to threaten our economic recovery and harm Michiganders and Americans across the country.

People of color accounted for 95% of Texas' population growth over the last decade. Yet in the proposed congressional map, Black and Hispanic Texans would have fewer districts where they make up the majority than they currently do.

'Being scared was not an option’ One Afghan-American woman describes her harrowing escape from Afghanistan - helped by the CIA @MarquardtA  reports

Let’s be absolutely clear—suspending the debt ceiling is about paying for past debts already incurred. It has nothing to do with new spending. This is about paying for what we owe and avoiding economic catastrophe.

A bill to keep the government open, avoid default, & provide relief to so many could be on its way to @PresElectBiden’s desk now. Instead, Senate Rs blocked it w/ no regard for what default & shutdown would mean for people’s lives & bank accounts. This isn’t a game for anyone but the GOP.

from AP: As daughter sought state license, Noem summoned agency head