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Whether the argument is science, military readiness, or freedom, the answer is the same — end the mandates and reinstate those who lost their positions taking this stand.

JUST IN: The House January 6 committee will make criminal referrals to the Justice Department, chairman Bennie Thompson says

on-target @monacharen ⁩: "The right has a deep psychological need for the Hunter Biden story. They desperately want Joe Biden to be corrupt and for the whole family to be, in Stefanik’s words, 'a crime family' because..." /1

Had a good summit in Tirana. Many thanks to our host, @ediramaal . This was a chance to talk with many Western Balkan and EU counterparts. We will continue to work together closely, on support for Ukraine and on migration. This is more important than ever. #EUWBSummit 

Sadly, I’m confident Merrick Garland won’t hold Dr. Fauci accountable.

📢 @AnumSNP : “It has been said that an investment in our children, is an investment in our future – and being a Scottish Member of Parliament in Westminster provides me with a unique perspective both on policy and legislation.”

In response to WaPo/Guardian efforts to track police shootings, then-FBI director Jim Comey vowed to collect national data. The feds have spent millions and still the vast majority of departments are not reporting how many people their officers kill

#MIntPremium | PepsiCo Inc. is laying off workers at the headquarters of its North American snacks and beverages divisions, a signal that corporate belt-tightening is extending beyond tech and media.

Rail workers are planning to strike from 6pm on Christmas Eve until 6am on Dec 27. Half of Britons oppose the plans while 37% support the strikers. Strongly support: 18% Somewhat support: 19% Somewhat oppose: 19% Strongly oppose: 32% Don’t know: 12%

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