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Ever seen grocery prices this high?

Follow the science . . . Pleeeeze!

Tonight, we will hear from a dedicated champion of Democracy, President Joe Biden, as he delivers his State of the Union Address. I am honored that another champion of Democracy, @SergeantAqGo , will be my guest.

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Where is the morality in saying that the 3rd, 4th or 5th child in a family is less important than the 1st or 2nd child? It's time to scrap the two-child limit on benefits, and create a social security system that treats people with dignity, care and respect.

The Real State of the Union: A record-breaking border crisis. Red hot inflation. $31 trillion in debt. Adversaries are emboldened. Rampant crime. Service members fired for exercising their religious views. President Biden is leading the nation into chaos.

Katherine Swidan has fought an unceasing battle for her son. I am calling on the Biden Administration to use every tool at our disposal to secure Mark's release. China wants to be treated as a great power. They're acting like Third World despots. They must #FreeMarkSwidan .

Tonight, Democrats will try their old song and dance, but the numbers don’t lie. When Americans fill up their tanks and buy groceries, they see with their own eyes the record inflation that has eroded their families’ spending power.

Being forced to settle for less is not something Americans want, but thanks to Democrats’ reckless spending, it’s their new reality. When will enough be enough?

What we know about Chinese spy balloons that flew over US during Trump administration