House Intel Chairman / Account / Accusations

“Schiff, House Intel Chairman, Got Early Account of Whistle-Blower’s Accusations” SCHIFF IS A FRAUD!

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House Intel Chairman / Account / Accusations

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Overheard in New Jersey: “Can we have a clean up in aisle 10 in the produce section? Someone just spilled their Senate campaign.”

A Department of Justice official tells me passports belonging to former Pres. Trump are NOT in the possession of the FBI and have been returned.

“I can not conceive of the mindset that led to these decisions” says Anthony Albanese of Scott Morrison secretly swearing himself in for five ministries

I don’t usually have a favorite @maddow  guest. But I do tonight. Keep watching. Last guest.

In the weeks leading up to Trump's WH departure, there were discussions about how to retrieve material he had taken up to the residence, that needed to be properly stored. By then, the staff sec had left. Meadows told others he would take the matter on.

While the #BidenBorderCrisis  is raging at the border & there are calls to defund ICE, the Biden Admin is looking to dissolve ICE’s labor union—I am demanding answers.

There is still time to apply for The Australian Financial Review’s Higher Education Awards. Entries close August 19. Find more details here:

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Red Rose is a so-so, occasionally sinister horror about social media – review

Why do you call this letter treason? Another word might be oversight. Did you think the FBI could search the home of a former president as part of a criminal investigation and it wouldn't raise questions? Many news organizations are seeking much the same information.

A person familiar with the schedule at McCarthy's WY retreat said attendees are expecting Elon Musk as a featured speaker tomorrow