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Addressing a Summit on Climate Change at the @UN .

PM @narendramodi  is a man who comes from humble beginnings and has not forgotten his roots. Hear what the Governor of Kentucky, @GovMattBevin  has to say...

@Clyburn  and his wife Emily met in 1960 after being arrested at a civil rights protest. After hours in jail, Jim was hungry. A woman he'd never met came over with a burger and gave him half. That was Emily: Fierce advocate, generous soul, Jim’s true partner. We’ll miss her.

acute @jonathanchait : “Having uncovered a massive scandal, the Times buried its own scoop. The revelation, which many people now see as an impeachable offense, was buried in the middle of a story that was primarily devoted to carrying Trump’s water.”

General Motors made $11 billion last year. Their CEO was paid $22 million, nearly 300 times as much as their median worker. The workers who make GM’s success possible deserve health care and good wages. I know which side I'm on.

Eminent Congresswoman from New York, @RepMaloney  speaks about the strong ties between India and USA, as well as the #HowdyModi  community event in Houston.

OMG, when Philly fans are mad about football, it is all consuming. Even in a fire rescue! “My man just started throwing babies out the window, we was catching them…unlike Agholor.” (good news-no serious injuries reported)

"I want you all to be able to say: I helped lay the foundations of a new society, foundations so deeply rooted that the Tories can never break them up.” @johnmcdonnellMP  will be the most radical chancellor our country has ever had. #Lab19 

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“Arrival,” a sculpture on the grounds of the United Nations. It was a gift from Ireland.

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