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This is good stuff - @JamesHeywood93  @CPSThinkTankf  sets out the problems with the Universal Credit uplift, and offers a better solution


My favourite sentence in today’s papers - news report suggesting the prospect of schools not going back after half-term will ‘trouble’ many working parents. The art of delicate understatement...

The thing I really want to know is who is the one lucky European who got vaccinated for Christmas (via @OurWorldInData )

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No, you’re just a really bad writer.

Great to talk to @Douglas4Moray  just now about the Union, the pandemic, the Scottish elections and who he'll be cheering on at the Euros (aside from Scotland...). You can watch back on @CPSThinkTank 's YouTube channel here

Chelsea confirm they have 'parted ways' with head coach Frank Lampard. Makes it sound like conscious uncoupling...


Things that don’t get you expelled from the Labour Party: hosting IRA, Hamas, Hezbollah in parliament; sharing platforms with antisemites; picketing trial of Brighton Bomber; etc etc Things that do get you expelled from the Labour Party: being Trevor Phillips

I have now been sent the Labour dossier on their claim to save the average household £6,700. Even by the standards of modern politics, it is impossible to stress how bloody shoddy these numbers are and how quickly they fall apart. Thread follows, with occasional swearing.

Today is climate strike day. Millions of people across the world, according to the organisers, will be marching to save the planet. But having dug into what they're actually marching for, I'm profoundly uneasy. So uneasy, in fact, that it's time for a THREAD.

Find it hard to buy the personal liberty argument re refusing to wear a facemask given that the liberty being infringed is your liberty to infect other people with a potentially fatal disease, which surely has an impact on their own liberty, and indeed mortality.

At this time of turmoil for our nation, what a relief to have the magnificent clarity offered by Jeremy Corbyn. Hasn't read the withdrawal agreement, not sure how he'd vote in another referendum, doesn't really know what should happen. Statesmanlike. Leaderly.

If Bill Gates doesn’t win the Nobel, then there’s no bloody point to it. The work he has funded and co-funded on vaccine prep and deployment alone is going to save millions of lives, and potentially hundreds of millions.

The NHS is 70 years old. The Tories have been running the country for 43 of those years. If they've got a secret plan to privatise it, it's not a very good one.

Dear London taxi drivers, if you want to win your war with the 21st century, maybe stop using the phrase ‘Oh, you’re paying by card, are you?’ as though you’re being presented with mysterious spices from the East.