Loud cheers for P-pop powerhouse @SB19Official  here at #HITCMANILA  . The group says it’s an honor to be one of today’s performers. | via @ysa_abad 

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Oil and gas giant Shell reports record annual profits after energy prices surged in the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Opposition targets PM over Adani stock crash; India Today's @Supriya23bh  speaks to AAP leader @SanjayAzadSln , Congress' @GauravGogoiAsm , Shiv Sena's @priyankac19  & CPI's @BinoyViswam1  on this #AdaniGroup  #BudgetSession2023  #ITVideo 

British Gas says “this isn’t how we do business” which is a strange thing to say when this is how they have been doing business.

The people are not better than their government. Democracy is a government of the people, by the people & for the people. The people in government did not come from Afghanistan or China. They're Nigerians. A few years ago, there were complaining as some people are complaining now

P-pop fans, we have not only one but two acts coming to #LiveJam  this week. @Official_ALAMAT  and @felipsuperior  will perform their latest hits on Rappler. Are you excited Magiliws and A’TIN? Stay tuned here: #FELIPxRapplerLiveJam  #ALAMATxRapplerLiveJam 

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BREAKING: Shell announces record annual profit of $39.9 billion

Bank of England poised to lift interest rates to 14-year high – business live

"Those who forgive bring Jesus even to places where He is not welcomed; they bring love to places where love is rejected." #PopeFrancis  #PopeInAfrica 

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'We're a bucket full of holes.' @dranitaraja  tells @susannareid100  & Ben what she thinks of the PM's claim about the number of GPs at the moment. She believes he has 'absolutely no idea how long it takes to train up a GP' as she points out that it can take between 5-7 years.

A common perception about the solar industry is that the land occupied by big solar arrays becomes automatically condemned for other uses. A recent trip to a solar operation in North Texas proved that perception to be a bit of a myth.