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I know we should expect anything resembling consistency or integrity from Carlson, but the contrast in these two clips is striking. (via @ModeledBehavior ) Links:

Odd that the people who keep complaining there was no media coverage, protest, or BLM interest after Daniel Shaver's death haven't looked into it enough to know it was covered in the media, there was a protest, and BLM leaders both denounced it and drew public attention to it.

I mean, it's almost like they don't actually give a damn about what happened to Shaver, and are just exploiting his death to score cheap political points.

It’s a tribute to Kaminsky that a story about a brilliant man who died far too young can feel so inspiring and uplifting. What a kind and decent human bring.

Again, a body camera policy that lets police release video when it exonerates them (as they should!), but block video when it implicates them, is the opposite of transparency. It's worse than having no body cameras at all.

Minneapolis-area SWAT team conducts pre-dawn, no-knock raid, batters down two doors, holds family at gunpoint. Wrong house. TV station finds the correct address was easily verifiable. Police also seem to have tried to erase any public record of the raid.

Just so we’re clear, a guy who participated in the insurrection to overturn the election is one of the people the Arizona legislature has authorized to “audit” the state’s 2020 vote count.

Just spoke to a public defender in rural Louisiana. Has 18 clients arrested prior to April 2020 for minor charges in pre-trial detention for over a year now b/c court was suspended due to the pandemic. When parish jail filled up, some were sent to jails in other parishes ...

Many clients face charges with sentences shorter than the time they've already been held. This PD says the situation varies across the state, but this parish also isn't unique. And of course they've also had clients who caught COVID during this time.


Breaking: A member of the Breonna Taylor grand jury just filed a remarkable motion asking a judge to release the entire proceedings of the grand jury. The motion strongly suggests that Attorney General Cameron's public comments contradict what was presented to the grand jury.

A black woman inadvertently drove into a protest scene. Philly cops pulled her from her car and beat her in front of her toddler. America’s largest police union then posted a photo of the boy and claimed his mother had abandoned him on the street.

College swim team takes bathroom break on the way back from a road trip. Local deputies spot the team’s only black member, tackle him, put a gun to his head, threaten to kill him. They later claim they mistakenly thought he’d taken the bus hostage.

It isn’t easy for a man to rip a screaming child away from his mother. Most of us couldn’t do it. This is where “animals” comes in. Declare he isn’t really a child, she isn’t a woman. Now it’s like pulling a piglet from a sow. This has always been how states enable savagery.

GOP: He didn't do it. Trump: I did it. GOP: He didn't mean to do it. Trump: I wish I'd done it sooner. GOP: He did it for benign reasons. Trump: I did it for the worst reasons. GOP: He's sorry. Trump: I'm never sorry. GOP: He's chastened. Trump: I'm doing it again tomorrow.

NYC is: -- 25% black -- largest black population in U.S. -- One of our most diverse cities. Whites are now a minority. -- A sanctuary city, with ~500K undocumented immigrants. It's also: -- The safest big city in America. Crime is at a 50-year low.

Reminder: Joe Arpaio once faked an assassination attempt, then framed a man for it — all to win sympathy for his reelection campaign. The innocent man spent 4 years in jail. Taxpayers footed the $1 million settlement.

In 2015, Kenosha cop Pablo Torres shot and killed a man armed with a bucket. It was his first day back after another shooting 10 days earlier. He had a 200-page disciplinary file, with 9 excessive force complaints. The Kenosha police union paid tribute to him with this billboard.

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Remember when Kaepernick “disrespected the flag” by quietly taking a knee?

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