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The next generation of employees is no longer satisfied with the empty promises of wokewashing or the belief that social accountability is not a business’ responsibility.

NASA’s plan to get to the moon involves launching astronauts in a spacecraft called Orion.

On her travels through China, Anne Stevenson-Yang saw "ghost towns" all over.

New York City is giving a raise to food delivery workers.

New research found that trips in ride-share cars are more damaging to the climate.

The US securities watchdog aimed a warning shot at the burgeoning world of decentralized finance.

The rule governs how airlines use their assigned takeoff and landing slots at the US’s most congested airports.

59% of businesses said the costs of their operations were higher between April and December 2020 compared to the same period in 2019.


Twelve works of art that chart the emotional upheavals of the Hong Kong protests

Young Nigerians are leading protests yet again to disband a rogue police unit

A tone-deaf speech by Nigeria’s president Buhari missed a chance for empathy amid national protests

1/ Publishers are warning sellers and consumers that supply chain issues have forced a major slowdown in book production and threaten a shortage of certain titles for the rest of the year.

1/ Leaded gasoline, a major public health threat, is now banned everywhere in the world. Officials from @UNEnvironment  just announced that Algeria, the last country on Earth to use leaded gasoline, depleted its supply in July.

Thread 🧵 A new Covid-19 variant is now on the radar of several countries. The Lambda variant, or C.37, believed to have originated from Peru, was designated as a “variant of interest” by the @WHO  on June 14.

🧵 On Aug. 30, Essence became the No 1 song in the US on Shazam. It placed @wizkidayo  above Ed Sheeran, @viewsfromnas , @DojaCatamp ; on the app’s list of top 10 artists in the US, the latest sign of the African music genre’s increasing mainstream appeal.