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New: One in three Black children in Maricopa County, Arizona, faced a child welfare investigation over a five-year period, leaving many families in a state of dread. Some parents are pushing back.

Though Russia does not release lists of its honorary consuls, an investigation by ProPublica and ICIJ identified consuls appointed by Russia who have served in at least 45 countries.

New: Reporters crunched data from millions of child protective services cases to understand who is most affected by the system.

Andy Lang, who worked as a contract pipe fitter on and off from the late 1990s until 2019, said it was impossible to contain the asbestos that was power-washed off the screens. It would go “flying” and land everywhere, he said.

As regulators stay on the sideline, a growing industry expands its reach but leaves some pregnant patients feeling misled and heartbroken.

Two years ago, the DEA arrested a Mexican general, hoping to lay bare the high-level corruption at the heart of organized crime. Then the case fell apart — and took down U.S.-Mexican cooperation on drug policy with it.

When residents of Colorado’s halfway houses believe they are victims of wrongdoing, they're often left with few options for restitution in a system that lacks a streamlined, independent complaint process and does little to allay their fears of retaliation.

“I’m just trying to get placed with a family that will care for me,” said one New Mexico foster teen.


1/ We got our hands on screenshots from a secret FB group for current and former Border Patrol agents. They joke about migrant deaths, including the death of a teen in their care, and post racist, sexist memes. Here's what we found. ???

1/ So @seanspicer  just called us a “left-wing blog.” Since we’re actually in the biz of facts, we figured we’d respond w/ a few...

A right-wing think tank is now a church in the eyes of the IRS. It’s part of a growing movement of activist groups that are seeking church status. And it’s all perfectly legal. Here’s how 👇

The invasion of the U.S. Capitol was discussed for weeks in plain sight. We reviewed scores of social media posts — many of them public — welcoming violence leading up to Wednesday’s attack. See for yourself ?

Btw, this is the story that caused trolls to attack our emails. It's a good story. You should share it.

Trump's voter fraud commission members are using private emails to conduct govt. work. It violates federal law.

The company that took U.S. money to develop a cheap ventilator, then did not deliver a single one to the national stockpile, has just inked ANOTHER contract with the government. This time, it is selling ventilators for quadruple the price.

NEW: Trump trust's been quietly revised to say he can take his biz's profits anytime, & he doesn't have to tell us.