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Ilham Aliyev

Official twitter channel of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan - Ilham Aliyev.

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Justice and the Victorious Armed Forces of Azerbaijan have prevailed. Azerbaijan’s flag has been hoisted across the liberated lands and will fly high there eternally. Karabakh is ours! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!

Our refugees and internally displaced persons that have waited for this day for 30 years today celebrate this tremendous military and political victory. They are looking forward impatiently to a timetable for their return

Azerbaijan has fought on its soil and restored its territorial integrity. And this has been in line with the UN Security Council resolutions and the document initialled by Azerbaijan and the European Union

My dear countrymen! I cordially congratulate you on the liberation of Aghdam district. Dear people of Aghdam, you are no longer displaced persons.

The entire world has seen that the conflict had remained unresolved due to Armenia’s position. According to the UN Charter, every country can defend itself and we also did defend ourselves.

Our battlefield victory has also preconditioned our political triumph. Aghdam district returns to us without firing a single shot or sacrificing a single martyr. This is our tremendous political success.

An action plan is already being drafted for the rehabilitation of wounded soldiers and officers. They will always remain in the center of attention.

We are interested in putting an end to enmity in the South Caucasus, and forging normal, businesslike relations.

These days we write the new, glorious history of our people and our country. This is a historic victory. From now on, we will move down the development path much faster.


Today Azerbaijan’s Army has liberated from occupation the city of Jabrayil and several surrounding villages. Long live Azerbaijan’s Army! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!

We will build cities across the liberated lands and turn those areas into paradise. Those lands will reinvigorate, life and children’s laughter will return there. Citizens of Azerbaijan will live on those lands in dignity.

Armenia has blatantly violated the ceasefire regime and launched a missile attack on innocent residents in the city of Ganja. This is a war crime and gross violation of the Geneva Conventions.