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laughing with you, not at you.

Latest Scoops

Literally- the best day ever on the links with #ChrisTraeger himself @RobLowe
photo credit #DrRichardNygard
parks.n.rec @ Montecito, California https://t.co/klM2QtgcYD
Thanks to my awesome sister angierae1975 for diffinf up this sweet photo of me as a kid. And to bro cullypratt and his lady @brandy_shandy for immediately pointing out my similarity to… https://t.co/meiUiYgCOL
So many inspiring stories shared on #InternationalDayOfTheGirl And so many issues still need our attention. Like the ones here https://t.co/9u0yD0vCoK watch and RT 🙏♥️
Thanks for everyone’s concern. I’m all good! Had such a great night! It’s just like us to focus on the craziest moment of any media event. But for real- post fight scuffle aside- let’s not forget the Ferguson Pettit fight.
Just posted a video @ Las Vegas, Nevada https://t.co/thg2TdSU1G
Now I’m nervous. Plz confirm it was you who requested the dick pic with my social security number on it?
Too patriotic. @ Los Angeles, California https://t.co/Dl5fYtzcjE
Just got home from a week in the woods. Turn on tv. @Seahawks up by 14. Lessgo @DangeRussWilson !!!
In Russel We Trussel. Let’s get that W!! Here we go!!!!! Where my #12s at!!?
I was honored to hang out with an amazing group of athletes as they learned they’d get to run the NYC Marathon with #TeamUltra #MichelobUltra #LiveULTRA #achillesinternational
#sponsored https://t.co/nfhxL0mgf7
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