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Exclusive: AIDS researcher favored to be next CDC chief https://t.co/YNy3IpTWl6
How Trump could give the Pentagon a McMaster problem https://t.co/gjbDCezEGd via @wesleysmorgan and @BryanDBender
UPDATE: McCabe has handed over his memos of conversations with Trump to Mueller's team https://t.co/vDxJJSAIuM
Trump's personal attorney retracts his statement calling for the end of the Mueller probe, adds he was only speaking for himself https://t.co/qr8SATmypD
Why the poisoned ‘traitor’ is a winning card for Putin https://t.co/EhIskHj6HH
Want to make an impression on voters? Run campaign ads all the way throughout March Madness. https://t.co/fDRlxe3h3L
Trump slams Comey, claiming corruption at 'highest levels of the FBI, Justice & State' https://t.co/6UJtunPZrI
The nation's cartoonists take on the NRA, student protests against gun violence, @realDonaldTrump's ever-shrinking White House, and more. https://t.co/aQvS12jNhL
Conservative Democrats argue the party needs to embrace Conor Lamb's centrist message in other battleground races. Nonsense, say liberals https://t.co/XJIgUI2bFe
Trump lawyer calls for end to Mueller investigation: This isn’t the first time John Dowd has caused waves in the Russia probe https://t.co/BQS2e28a4b
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