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Walker’s campaign argued that Evers’ primary job as the state’s top elected schools official is preparing an education budget and the final product contains “stolen ideas https://t.co/8uegL9AbS9
A longtime Clinton aide suggests that Hillary has at least thought about a third run for the nation’s top office https://t.co/tADL0H4DIY
Childhood friends, a plan and a van: The inside story of the ballot measure on the verge of bringing Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion to Trump country https://t.co/MkeyyM7B24
Donald Trump had the crowd hanging on every word, every pause, every gesture.
A grassroots campaign could bring Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion to Idaho next month, rebuking GOP officials who’ve blocked coverage for years https://t.co/WG2zYKfCQC
A doctored image circulated on social media showing actor Tom Hanks wearing a t-shirt that used an expletive to mock supporters of President Trump.

It’s in fact a doctored version of a 2010 photo, in which Hanks wore a plain white tee.
Paul Manafort appeared in federal court in a wheelchair on Friday and his lawyer said he’s dealing with “significant issues” tied to his health https://t.co/DhdpigXBcy
Trump’s latest foray into California’s long-running water wars https://t.co/QVNb3ovhhL
Elena Khusyaynova, a St. Petersburg, Russia-based accountant who is not in U.S. custody, allegedly works for a Russia-based firm that special counsel Robert Mueller's office indicted in February for alleged interference in the 2016 electiohttps://t.co/TzqjvoGWKJn
BREAKING: The Justice Department has brought its first criminal case over alleged Russian interference in the 2018 midterm elections.
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