Paul Mooney 慕亦仁

Paul Mooney 慕亦仁

US journalist in China 1994-2012. Moved to Rangoon 2014, most recently in Hanoi studying Vietnamese. US Army Vietnam vet, USMCR. 自由撰稿人,在台北,香港,北京, 仰光, 河内 工作30多年

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Human rights advocates from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus share Nobel Peace Prize - CNN @TuckerCarlson ⁩

The second explanation is that many Americans, especially Republicans, still do not take Covid seriously. @RepMTG ⁩ @laurenboebert ⁩ @Jim_Jordan ⁩ @RandPaul ⁩

Republicans have found the 2022 version of ‘death panels’

As Alex Jones Stands Trial, Newtown Would Rather Forget Him Jones caused these families, who lost little children, to suffer pain. More heinous, they also lived in fear as Jones’ listeners threatened their lives. Despicable.

Uvalde school district suspends entire police force - ABC News @GovAbbott ⁩ @SenTedCruz ⁩ @tedcruz ⁩ Have done nothing in response to this tragedy. Instead, both addressed the @NRA ⁩ Convention days after the shooting.

Uvalde school district suspends entire police force after mass shooting - Reuters - Next should be @GovAbbott ⁩ and @SenTedCruz ⁩ @tedcruz ⁩

US Places Myanmar Arms Dealers on Sanctions Blacklist

Child Victims of Myanmar Junta Air Strikes Recall Their Deadly Ordeal


EU sues China in WTO over Lithuania blockade - I’ve been following China for four decades. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard Beijing warn not to mix politics with economics. But each time China wants to retaliate against someone, it mixes the two.

Don't be fooled by China's morality play- By Michael Sainsbury

Why should Biden resign? He didn’t encourage an insurrection, try to overturn a fair election or steal sensitive documents.

China Is Spying on Uighur Muslims in the UK - VICE

@mikepompeo  Mike had a free ride for four years at West Point. Free tuition, free books, free room, free food and he got paid. He has no understanding of this issue.