Peter Baker

Peter Baker

Chief White House Correspondent for The New York Times and MSNBC analyst. Husband and co-author with @sbg1 of "THE DIVIDER: Trump in the White House," out 9/20.

Today’s excerpt in the @NewYorker  is part of our book “THE DIVIDER: Trump in the White House, 2017-2021,” with @sbg1 , to be published by @doubledaybooks  on Sept. 20.

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"Dana Milbank covers politics with snap and crackle" and his latest book, "The Destructionists," traces the Republican Party's 25-year journey from Gingrich to Trump as only he can. ⁦Christopher Buckley gives it a rave review.

In a major breakthrough for Biden, the Senate passes the revised version of his signature domestic initiative on climate, health care, prescription drugs and corporate taxes on a party line vote with Harris breaking the tie. @ESCochrane ⁩

@sbg1  @NewYorker  "And lastly, " Milley went on, "it is my deeply held belief that you’re ruining the international order, and causing significant damage to our country overseas, that was fought for so hard by the Greatest Generation that they instituted in 1945. "

@sbg1  @NewYorkerMilley  opted against resigning but to stay and resist efforts to politicize the military. "Fuck that shit,” he told his staff. “I’ll just fight him.” He added: “If they want to court-martial me, or put me in prison, have at it. But I will fight from the inside.”

Follow the latest on the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago from our all-star team of @maggieNYT ⁩ @benprotess ⁩ @adamgoldmanNYT ⁩


Federal ethics law: "An employee shall not use or permit the use of his Government position or title or any authority associated with his public office to endorse any product, service or enterprise ... "

Trump: “We’re doing very well.” Coronavirus deaths over the last 7 days: Australia: 70 Canada: 37 France: 51 Germany: 49 Italy: 55 Japan: 27 Spain: 57 Sweden: 27 UK: 414 US: 7,189

Trump, Feb. 26: "This is a flu. This is like a flu." Trump, today: "It's not the flu. It's vicious."

Trump confirms that White House has suspended the hard pass of a reporter because it doesn't like the way he does his job. This is something I've never seen since I started covering the White House in 1996. Other presidents did not fear tough questioning.

Did Trump commit a crime? "This is the smoking gun," Sol Wisenberg, a former deputy to Ken Starr, tells me about today's hearing. "There isn’t any question this establishes a prima facie case for his criminal culpability on seditious conspiracy charges."

Trump: "So after 50 years of being virtually empty, I built up our oil reserves during my administration ... to 100% full.” Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Jan 2017: 695 million barrels Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Jan 2021: 638 million barrels

In the first year of Trump’s presidency, the S&P 500 hit new records 62 times and finished up 17%. In the first year of Biden’s presidency, the S&P 500 hit new records 70 times and finished up 29%.

Old enough to remember when it would have been shocking to see a former president admit that his goal was to have "overturned the Election."

Trump got elected in part by attacking Clinton for deleting emails that she deemed personal, then spent four years destroying official documents despite federal law. @AshleyRParker ⁩ @jdawsey1 ⁩ @thamburger ⁩ @JaxAlemany ⁩