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Whitehall staff trade union chief @FDAGenSec  writes for @HuffPostUK  on the reshuffle. "Macmillan had his night of the long knives. Boris just invited his Cabinet to the Red Wedding"

Sharma has lots of admirers in govt, but given the PM offered the job to David Cameron and William Hague, his appointment will be a bit of a surprise.

Tonight's WaughZone is a Reshuffle Special. The story-behind-the-story of @sajidjavid 's departure.

@sajidjavid  Includes that there's a wider reshuffle of special advisers tonight too. Long-serving staffers removed from their ministers and sent to other departments or out of govt altogether. "Round pegs in round holes " is how No.10 insiders put it tho.

Wondering whether there'll be any crossover between politics Twitter (eg @EmilyThornberry  CLP cliffhanger) and #LoveIsIand  Twitter (Shaughna cliffhanger) tonight. Or am I in venn diagram region all of my own..?

Richard Burgon says Jeremy Corbyn could 'Come Back'. So much in this interview with @REWearmouth 

@Keir_Starmer  campaign rally has started at the Roundhouse in London. His speech will be accompanied by Sunderland based indie band Frankie & The Heartstrings. The band have given him permission to use this tune Hunger.


I can safely say that in 22 years of being a political journalist, I've never experienced a day like today. No.10 sources now insisting that political editors like myself "are not banned, they are just not invited".

The German guy who posted that 'Dear Americans' tweet has an update: yes he is really German, no he doesn't work for Clinton.

This pic in particular could prove very tricky. It seems to feature Ghislaine Maxwell (on the far right), Epstein, Andrew and the Trumps.

tweet picture

Wow. @BorisJohnson  responds to emotional plea by @paulasherriff  to stop using perjorative and 'dangerous' language like 'Surrender Act' (citing memory of Jo Cox and referring to new death threats to MPs), by saying her remarks are mere "Humbug". Total fury on Labour benches.

So Hammond is spending more on Brexit preparations (£3bn) than on the NHS (£2.8bn resource cash). That wasn't on Boris's bus. #budget2017 

Zinger in the Commons from @nsoamesmp . He thanked "My Rt Hon Friend the PM [Johnson], the leader of the House [Rees-Mogg] and other members of the cabinet whose serial disloyalty has been such an inspiration to so many of u #rebelalliance "

EXC: Chancellor's media adviser has just been escorted out of Downing St after a meeting with Dominic Cummings. It appears she had been fired.

Lab gain in Kensington & Chelsea now expected, source on ground says. That's KENSINGTON AND CHELSEA, people. If only Portillo was still MP.

Liz Truss tells Clarke's customs union "lost by more [than May's deal] and people are still trying to bring that back". Except it didn't. It lost by less (6 vote defeat to May's 58 vote defeat). Liz is Chief Secretary to the Treasury, in charge of numbers + stuff.