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Good news for govt on Test & Trace: 1 million people were contacted and told to self-isolate during the first week of 2021 Bad news on T&T: Just 31.5% who took a so-called “in-person” test received their result within 24 hours, down week on week + and way below PM's 100% target.

Why A Scientists Rebellion, Not A Tory Rebellion, Is What Boris Johnson Should Fear Most Aka, who would you rather be tackled by - JVT or Steve Baker?

@BorisJohnson  cautious on lifting lockdown even once older ppl jabbed: "what we can't have is a false sense of security, so that we, as it were, lift the restrictions all together, and then the disease really runs riot in the younger generations"

@BorisJohnson  admits on covid in care homes:"clearly we've got a problem there again" But says 40% of elderly care home residents have been jabbed, and hopes all done by end of month.

An essential read from @cjsnowdon , particularly for those who are tempted by the wilder claims of the lockdown sceptic movement.

Brilliant piece Raf. (Now get off Twitter 😁)


So, Boris Johnson has flatly rejected @MarcusRashford  call for free school meal help to be given to poor kids over Christmas and other holidays. No.10 spokesman: “It’s not for schools to regularly provide food to pupils during the school holidays..."

After @BorisJohnson  attacks about the IRA, @Keir_Starmer  spskmn: “One thing we would remind the Prime Minister is that he has the power to block Claire Fox being nominated as a member of the House of Lords. So if he wants to take any action on this issue we suggest he does that.”

The German guy who posted that 'Dear Americans' tweet has an update: yes he is really German, no he doesn't work for Clinton.

I can safely say that in 22 years of being a political journalist, I've never experienced a day like today. No.10 sources now insisting that political editors like myself "are not banned, they are just not invited".

Chief nurse Ruth May confirms "I was dropped" from no10 press conference in June, after she was asked a preparatory session about Dominic Cumnings' conduct "In my opinion the rules were clear, they were there for everyone's safety and they applied to us all."

BREAKING: @BorisJohnson  has U-turned on summer free school meals for England. 🚨An extra £120m to be spent on extending vouchers through summer holidays. 🚨Huge victory for @MarcusRashford  + other campaigners

So Hammond is spending more on Brexit preparations (£3bn) than on the NHS (£2.8bn resource cash). That wasn't on Boris's bus. #budget2017 

Mark Adams chief executive of Community Integrated Care is clearly furious with @BorisJohnson  for blaming care homes for covid deaths. Tells @BBCr4today  PM has shown a "cowardly" "travesty of leadership" and now resorting to "Kafkaesque" rewriting of history.