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A-grade trolling of Zahawi by HMRC today. This appeared as a 'promoted' advert in my Twitter feed.

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Nadhim Zahawi's tax affairs have set a stern leadership test for Rishi Sunak - and so far it's a test he's failing. Tonight's #WaughOnPolitics  is online and in your inbox

Loving Grayson Perry's gutteral cackle on @BBCr4today  after he delivers the lovely line that "England nowadays is culturally a series of cliches linked by motorways".

Brutal, two-footed tackle from @Keir_Starmer  against @RishiSunak . Asks the PM "is this job too big for him?" #PMQs 

Today confirmed that ridicule, laced with menace, is often the most potent weapon in #PMQs 

Voters in their fifties are a ticking timebomb that could blow up Tory election hopes Tonight's #WaughOnPolitics  is in your inbox.

The revenge of the Centrist Dads (and Mums). Why @RishiSunak  should be worried the over-40s and over-50s are turning against the Tories.

Includes: '50 is the new 40!' is no longer a health and lifestyle feature, it's a political reality. (and that's even without 78-yr-olds like Rod Stewart now backing Labour)


After reports that Liz Truss took a specially chartered flight to Australia, here's a quote from the 'Back to Black' cost-cutting document she co-authored in 2009:

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@BorisJohnson  just said the UK should be more like Germany, where workers don't have a "habit of going into work when not well" Key comparison: - Statutory sick pay in Germany 50% pay for 84 weeks. - Statutory sick pay in UK is £96.35 per week for 28 weeks.

Mark Carney tells @BBCr4today  that Brexit is a key reason for interest rates having to go up. Says 2016 vote devalued sterling, hit growth and productivity + adds he was right in his warnings.

Chief nurse Ruth May confirms "I was dropped" from no10 press conference in June, after she was asked a preparatory session about Dominic Cumnings' conduct "In my opinion the rules were clear, they were there for everyone's safety and they applied to us all."

Scary stuff. Sir Charlie Bean, ex bank of England tells @BBCr4today : "It now costs the UK govt more to borrow than Italy or Greece, who we've traditionally thought of as not quite basket cases but certainly weaker performing sovereignentities."

A rare, total silence in Commons as @Keir_Starmer  concludes his attack on @BorisJohnson  over Partygate. "It's what he does, it's who he is". Ministers v uncomfortable as he cites a widower whose wife died in pandemic. Arguably, Starmer’s best Commons performance of his career.

Wow. @BorisJohnson  finally confirmed something he has previously ducked repeatedly. Asked by @Meg_HillierMP  whether he met ex-KGB spy Alexander Lebedev without officials when he was Foreign Secretary he replies: "I probably did."

This isn't a good look. Labour analysis suggests that of the 59 backbench MPs who have signed up to the motion scrapping the Standards Cttee, nearly a quarter (14) have been found to have breached parliamentary standards.

Oh my god, @KemiBadenoch  wants to delay net zero. Some MPs really don't understand the scale of the climate emergency. How many more 40 degrees days do they need to finally get it?