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McDonnell points out Starmer didn't mention anything about these plans in his leadership election and in fact promised more member involvement. Says Tories will say: "If your members can't trust you how can the electorate?"

@AngelaRayner  raises pamphlet written by @DominicRaab  and @trussliz  #PMQs  Here's quote in full: "Once they enter the workplace, the British are among the worst idlers in the world. We work among the lowest hours, we retire early and our productivity is poor"

SNP MPs rarely cheer on @Keir_Starmer  in #PMQs . But several of them loved @AngelaRayner  two-footed tackle on Raab about his holiday in Crete, and it wd take 50 days for a minimum wage earner to afford one night at his luxury resort

...or why Labour's own leader is so focused on plans for who will replace him..etc

Well that kite flying didn't last long. PM's spokesman, asked about UK wanting to join US/Mex/Can free trade area:"That's not an approach we are currently taking." Kite downed.

Even Usdaw and Community unions wanted more time for such a major set of reforms, I'm told. Q now is whether Starmer wants to still go ahead with big bang, forcing a split in unions when they normally prefer consensus

"There was broad consensus on the need to refocus the Labour party on the country and concerns of working people. "Discussions will continue." Note nothing about agreement on the package of reforms the leader wanted.


BREAKING: No10 reveals @BorisJohnson  is "away" with his family in the west country. But says it's *not* a "holiday".

NEW: Boris Johnson's Rule Of 6 has a controversial exemption - for grouse shooting and similar field sports. Upto 30 people can gather to hunt with guns cos classed as a licensed outdoor sport. EXCLUSIVE: Cab Office drafted special meeting on exemption

I can safely say that in 22 years of being a political journalist, I've never experienced a day like today. No.10 sources now insisting that political editors like myself "are not banned, they are just not invited".

Chief nurse Ruth May confirms "I was dropped" from no10 press conference in June, after she was asked a preparatory session about Dominic Cumnings' conduct "In my opinion the rules were clear, they were there for everyone's safety and they applied to us all."

This is extraordinary and risks getting lost. @SamCoatesTimes  sa @BorisJohnsons  personally phoned newspaper editors to brief that Cummings had leaked his messages.

BREAKING: @BorisJohnson  has U-turned on summer free school meals for England. ?An extra £120m to be spent on extending vouchers through summer holidays. ?Huge victory for @MarcusRashford  + other campaigners

NEW: PM's press secretary Allegra Stratton refuses at least TWELVE times to answer this Q: does @BorisJohnson  accept he was wrong to say Labour voted against an NHS pay rise?

There is absolutely zero public interest in taking photos of Matt Hancock's wife outside her home. And anyone using those pics is condoning/fuelling the snappers conduct. Hancock is in public life, not his wife, or children.

Mark Adams chief executive of Community Integrated Care is clearly furious with @BorisJohnson  for blaming care homes for covid deaths. Tells @BBCr4today  PM has shown a "cowardly" "travesty of leadership" and now resorting to "Kafkaesque" rewriting of history.