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Sort out free school meals policy and end food poverty, government told by Rashford and chefs

The rules are very odd I agree but do not affect families suffering from food poverty.

As far as I know The bedroom tax, the two child rule, and the benefits cap all apply in Scotland.

I should add - in England everyone however poor has to pay at least 20% of their council tax - private sector tenants on benefits seldom get all their rent paid so have to use money for food to pay the difference

Northern Ireland govt to give £1000 to company directors excluded from UK schemes applications open 21 January. Detailed rules here

Every parent alive today got either child benefit, family allowance, or child tax credits.

Breaking: Supreme Court rules against insurers - they will have to pay out on Biz Interruption policies for disruption caused by Covid-19 helping 370,000 small biz and costing £1.2bn. Figures approximate and unchecked.

@salliemonkey  @StuartBenSmithAs  many people hav found out, you can have three or more children when in a good job but suddenly find yourself out of work or on v low pay and need UC. People on UC with large families have not been on benefits all their lives. Divorce, redundancy, illness all reduce income.

@JamesDidge  Most people on benefits are on it through no fault of their own and often after deciding to have children they could afford. Aug19-Aug20 parents with child/ren rose from 900,000 to 1,720,000. Should they have predicted the pandemic when they conceived a child 2 or 5 years ago?

@RolandBasilides  The two child limit applies to children from from 6 April 2017. So if a family has two children and a third born after that they will not get benfeit for that third child. If three (or five) are born before that date they will get benefit for them but not for a new child.


Parliamentary committee that would have examined the EU Trade Agreement is closed down by Commons Leader Rees-Mogg

Drug firm owned by private equity firm raises price of Lithium tablets for people with mental health issues from £3.22 to £87 a packet.

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60 out of 61 towns picked by Cabinet Minister for financial support were Conservative with average majority 3000 or Conservative targets. Included his own seat.

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Of course not all Leavers are racists. That would be a terrible thought. But all racists now think 52% of the population agree with them.

How are jihadi groups funded? Government report too sensitive to publish as it reportedly mentions Saudi Arabia

Iain Duncan Smith gets a knighthood - as long as he applies online at a public library, declares his and his wife’s income and capital, gives up two of his four children, and then waits six weeks for it. If he fails to meet targets his award is downgraded to a CBE for 12 months.

Chancellor made money from the bets that led to the financial crash