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Although licenses will run out on 31 July no-one needs do anything until they get a letter from TVLicensing. Beware scams. Never click on links or respond directly. Contact @tvlicensing  separately on or call 0800 232 1382 (that line is pretty rubbish).

This change was forced on the BBC by the Government as part of the 2015 Charter deal. In exchange for spending what would have been £750m a year (now £250m a year for the new scheme) BBC got inflation proofed licence fee worth £75m this year which is nothing in real terms.

I tweeted about Govt guidance after the end of the transition period earlier. My goodness the AI has not turned off those Brexit trolls! They still think it’s 2016/17/18//19. They did well. Reset them. Give them a rest. You won, get over it!

The rise of the right. What an absurd man to re-elect.

If you or someone you know is over 75 then you need to read this - my new guide to the end of free TV licences for most over 75s from 1 August how to keep a free licence and how to pay if you cannot.

A PR has just writen to me "Hi Paul I wanted to bubble this to the top of your inbox in case this got lost :)" Even if I was interested - which I am not - I wouldn't be after that!!

Another world record broken by the government someday someone has to be accountable.

Govt lies and incompetence exposed by the excellent @BBCMoreOrLess  in a balanced way of course with and and @TimHarford  @Ruth__Alexander  @katelamble 

This is appalling. The cut in VAT doesn’t apply to alcoholic drinks. And if there is a 12.5% cut would it give such neat price points? Arise Sit Tim Martin.

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Iain Duncan Smith gets a knighthood - as long as he applies online at a public library, declares his and his wife’s income and capital, gives up two of his four children, and then waits six weeks for it. If he fails to meet targets his award is downgraded to a CBE for 12 months.

How are jihadi groups funded? Government report too sensitive to publish as it reportedly mentions Saudi Arabia

Of course not all Leavers are racists. That would be a terrible thought. But all racists now think 52% of the population agree with them.

London Excel owners charging NHS rent for Nightingale hospital estimated at £2m to £3m a month. Other centres are charging nothing. There is no crisis that can’t be exploited!

The worst state pension in the world is about to be stripped of its triple lock.

Chancellor made money from the bets that led to the financial crash

Project Fear turns out to have been telling the truth, government guidance reveals as it warns of higher insurance, mobile phone costs, and the need for longer passport validity and pet vaccination businesses will face more, ahem, red tape and costs.