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I like to cook and eat pig!

Latest Scoops

Whats in your tires I got 2 Flats with 2 of these inside the tire not a great start to the day. @ San Francisco, California https://t.co/t1JIwoynBF
Happy Birthday Julia! Thank you for Inspiring a very curious child, you unknowingly sent me down the path I am on today! My life is so much richer because of your inspiration.. @ Cockscomb… https://t.co/2r5xNnMP5K
Hey @andrewzimmern its that time of year again. When are you coming by for a plate of tomato leaf bucatini @ Acacia House Restaurant https://t.co/RyNIsCOaMT
This was a great box to open today! Thanks @FloydLeadville its great to be a part of the family. CBD cures!! @ San Francisco, California https://t.co/edcheIypgV
What a honor to be featured in the window @FTCSF showcasing my new board & shoe collab with vans @ FTC https://t.co/Y78iO1jDGz
Came up to plumas to pick up @Easton_Graf from soccer camp. Adventure was had today by bicycle. So much fun. https://t.co/d5W3A5Iaob
Thanks @theeunji team a great 2 days. Stay classy Portland. See you very soon. @ Portland International Airport https://t.co/u50ff3xszX
Making pasta today @theeunji with our new pasta machine from @pastabiz @ Jackrabbit PDX https://t.co/ixvT9d3h3X
Well hello there my good friend, its so nice to see you Portland! Cant wait to see my @TheEunji family. @ Jackrabbit PDX https://t.co/IC1KiLtzjL
A huge loss for gastronomy. He shaped so many culinary minds to aspire for greatness. @ San Francisco, California https://t.co/oSn5Qk5S4R
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