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I like to cook and eat pig!

Latest Scoops

“Leg of Beast” braised beef shank, risotto & horseradish gremolata tonight cockscombsf @ Cockscomb https://t.co/s3UubUvQ7X
Wood oven roasted 3.5lb lobster, mussels, blistered last of the season cherry tomatoes & lobster roe hollandaise tonight cockscombsf @ Cockscomb https://t.co/sJR8UiV9xb
#tbt Mentor & Peer. That time when I cooked with and@KoffmannPierre for@maisonpublique the launch of in #offalgoodMontreal a true highlight of my career!! Thank you to both of you for… https://t.co/5L9hTaLY9v
Well good morning Portland!! Looking forward to a americano, hanging @TheEunji & eating great food! @ Portland International Airport https://t.co/RoSV6GLIir
Thanks @Chrome_Ind & for@PoachedJobs hosting the event tonight chrome_sf it was so good to catch up with piratechefsf @ Chrome Valencia Hub https://t.co/C5iZ5oM1WV
The classic pairing of pork & seafood never tasted so good. Wood oven roasted pork chump, octopus & broccoli di ciccio last night cockscombsf @ Cockscomb https://t.co/06qLTsqz66
We are looking for a PM cook to join the team. Please send resumes to ccosentino@cockscombsf.com @ Cockscomb https://t.co/jyTmqqozQB
I love the classics, thats why i riff on them so much. New cockscombsf pigs brain piccata, lemon, capers & parsley. @ Cockscomb https://t.co/9rZZQzAhGG
Thanks @pelotonmagazine for sharing my interview with @ivanramen such a great chef with so much to share. @ Cockscomb https://t.co/C9qtWQ93h9
RIP stan lee Thanks for so many great adventures! @ Cockscomb https://t.co/UjyitBsLsR
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