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If Immigration and Customs Enforcement fines are enforced, an undocumented woman and her daughters “face financial ruin and will lose all hope of living a normal life,” writes Tom Goldsmith, a minister whose church is providing sanctuary to the family.

“The decades-long marriage between the G.O.P. and big business is clearly on the rocks,” W. Bradford Wilcox, a professor of sociology at @UVA , told @Edsall .

The biggest barrier for unions — in nearly every private sector union campaign in the country — is that the system of labor law and regulations created in the New Deal no longer functions effectively, writes @ErikLoomis , a labor historian.

On today’s episode of Sway, @karaswisher  and @donlemon  discuss the choices he is confronted with each night as he covers police killings of Black Americans. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

“I have seen a person poisoned to death by pentobarbital. It isn’t still, it isn’t a peaceful drifting,” @ebruenig  writes. “Witnesses on three sides watch through glass as the prisoner dies, heaving for breath.”

Scientific evidence suggests that pentobarbital poisoning is an excruciating way to die, @ebruenig  writes.

"I hadn’t swum since my spinal cord injury seven years earlier. Even though I knew other paraplegics found ways to swim, I kept putting it off," writes Todd Balf.

"It’s always sunny in Stars Hollow, unless it snows, and then it’s magical," writes @SarahAWildman . And that is exactly what her family needed. 

Join editorial board member @mcottle  to discuss how Democrats and Republicans are no longer speaking the same language.


Americans may think no one is handling the coronavirus worse than President Trump. But @felipeneto  says President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil is much, much worse.

A shift manager at a McDonald’s restaurant in Kansas City, Mo., asks why a company that earned $5.3 billion last year can’t guarantee paid sick leave for all of its workers.

NEW: The New York Times editorial board endorses @JoeBiden  for president: ”His campaign is rooted in steadiness, experience, compassion and decency"

The survivors and family members of mass shootings have a message for the leaders of our nation.

"I knew, as I clutched my firstborn child, that I was losing my second,” Meghan Markle writes about her miscarriage. Today, we are sharing an essay by the Duchess of Sussex about the loss that she and Prince Harry suffered earlier this year.

“I want you to know that in the last days and hours of my life you inspired me,” wrote Representative John Lewis, who penned this essay shortly before his death on July 17. We are publishing it today, on the day of his funeral.