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“Treating people with dignity itself empowers change. Those who feel respected are more likely to respect themselves. Humane treatment can spur self-care rather than self-destruction,” writes @maiasz .

Why is America so bad at building infrastructure? @ezraklein  asks @voxdotcom  reporter @JeruDemsas  to explain on this episode of The Ezra Klein Show.

"Republicans have created for themselves a political realm in which costly demonstrations of loyalty transcend considerations of good policy or even basic logic," @paulkrugman  writes.

"To write three books in four years about Donald Trump has been an immersion into his obsessions and fixations. This is why I know the obvious: Donald Trump will run for president again," writes @MichaelWolffNYC .

“If a member of Trump’s inner circle turns out to have been an Emirati agent, that’s a big deal,” writes @michelleinbklyn .

“There is simply no theological or historical reason for Christians to hesitate over acknowledging structural racism,” writes @esaumccaulley .

"Haiti is more than just a troubled neighbor," writes the historian @agordonreed . "It is a nation whose revolutionary fight for freedom helped make the United States the country that it is today."

"Perhaps this is what happens when you elect a charismatic performer with interesting hair and no thought beyond winning the highest office," writes @TanyaGold1  of the situation in Britain. 

Why does @jrob713  call his disability "whale eyes"? "We love looking at whales. And we're completely unbothered by the fact that we can only look into one of their eyes at a time," he says. "That's the kind of acceptance I've always craved."

“In many ways, harm reduction seems like common sense. But its roots are radical. It was devised by some of the world’s most demonized individuals: people who inject drugs,” writes @maiasz .


Americans may think no one is handling the coronavirus worse than President Trump. But @felipeneto  says President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil is much, much worse.

A shift manager at a McDonald’s restaurant in Kansas City, Mo., asks why a company that earned $5.3 billion last year can’t guarantee paid sick leave for all of its workers.

NEW: The New York Times editorial board endorses @JoeBiden  for president: ”His campaign is rooted in steadiness, experience, compassion and decency"

“I want you to know that in the last days and hours of my life you inspired me,” wrote Representative John Lewis, who penned this essay shortly before his death on July 17. We are publishing it today, on the day of his funeral.

"I knew, as I clutched my firstborn child, that I was losing my second,” Meghan Markle writes about her miscarriage. Today, we are sharing an essay by the Duchess of Sussex about the loss that she and Prince Harry suffered earlier this year.