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“How can we as a nation ever heal, rebuild and move forward unless we, together, can meaningfully grieve what has been lost?”: @Tish_H_Warren  on mourning 1 million Americans lost to Covid.

“Thanks to Mr. Trump’s machinations, Georgia’s elections are once again freighted with outsized import, its primaries having become something of a referendum on the health of the Republican Party — and of American democracy,” writes @mcottle .

“A time traveler from the 1930s would have no difficulty identifying the Putin regime as fascist,” writes @TimothyDSnyder .

Mothers in our society are viewed primarily as caregivers whose needs are secondary, writes @espiers . “If a woman is 90% miserable, and her baby benefits 1% from whatever is causing her suffering, that is deemed an acceptable trade-off.”

Because of his disability, 21-year-old Samuel Habib finds that people underestimate him. In a new Op-Doc, he charts how adults with disabilities build full lives — as a roadmap for himself and others.

“In public health, the most effective interventions are those that do not require individuals to change their behavior and in which healthy options are simply available to them by default, such as clean water,” writes @DrJayVarma .

“They may hate the cultural context they now find themselves teaching in, but they love their work. The Achilles’ heel of schoolteachers, one all too easily exploited by politicians, is that they love their students,” writes @MargaretRenkl .

“In a post-Roe America, it is easy to see how the right to contraception could be gutted by recasting some forms of contraception as abortifacients,” writes @ProfMMurray .


“Seriously I can just come out and say it? Call him a liar?” asks @JonathanPieNews , a fictional broadcast reporter created and performed by comedian Tom Walker, in a satirical video about Britain’s Prime Minister. “God bless America.”

New from Jimmy Carter: “I now fear that what we have fought so hard to achieve globally — the right to free, fair elections, unhindered by strongman politicians who seek nothing more than to grow their own power — has become dangerously fragile at home.”

“If people saw this, they would stay home.” Doctors invited @NickKristof  inside two hard-hit New York hospitals to observe first-hand the fight against the coronavirus.

We asked people from around the world to compare their health care system with the American system. “Skin to skin after a C-section is $39,” says a woman in Japan, reading from a U.S. medical bill. “You need to pay money to hold a baby?”

Using a trove of leaked smartphone location data, @cwarzel  and @stuartathompson  identified some of the Capitol rioters. In this time-lapse animation, smartphones moved from Trump’s rally to the Capitol.

The U.S. has hit the grim milestone of one million Covid-19 deaths. We asked readers to submit their final text messages from loved ones lost to the coronavirus. Here’s what they sent.

"I joined Nike because I wanted to be the best female athlete, ever. Instead, I was emotionally and physically abused by a system designed by Alberto and endorsed by Nike," says Mary Cain.

It's not a crime to criticize the president. That’s why we fought a revolution against a mad king.