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Jeff Bezos' investigation turned up evidence of a Saudi hack of his iPhone X. But did it find what he was originally looking for?

For people who know Mr. Bezos or have worked with him for years, the shift to the glare of The Daily Mail and Page Six is almost an out-of-body experience.

The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that vehicle travel has increased 17 percent alongside an unequal 5 percent increase in new roadways. The result has been 6.9 billion hours a year of traffic delays.

Agreeing to a lifetime ban from the banking industry, Wells Fargo’s former C.E.O. was fined $17.5 million. The settlements were a rare instance of personal consequences for those at the top of the banking industry, write @StacyCowley  and @FlitterOnFraud 

Central banks spent much of the last 10 years hauling their economies out of a deep financial crisis that began in 2008. They may well spend the next decade coping with the disruptive effects of climate change, @JackEwingNYT  writes.

“Anyone can be at risk of being swatted, but people who work in tech are at a particular risk,” said Seattle's police chief. “We have to get a foothold on this, before more people get hurt.”

Financial markets across Asia fell, led by a sharp drop in stocks in China, as investors pondered the potential impact of an outbreak of a deadly coronavirus.

Resale websites have gotten a lot of attention in recent years. The still-vital pawn shop is a very different animal.

A new analysis finds that people who don't increase their savings rate when their pay goes up have a harder time in retirement


For some people in Hong Kong, the future is uncertain. Others see no future there at all.

The list of Chinese companies that can't pay back their loans is getting longer. “This is not over yet,” said an S&P Global specialist. “We are expecting defaults to rise.”

F.D.A. has stopped routine food safety inspections of seafood, fruits, vegetables and many other foods because of the federal government shutdown, said F.D.A. Commissioner Scott Gottlieb on Wednesday.

Determining how much very rich families would owe under Senator Warren’s tax plan would be devilishly difficult, the economist N. Gregory Mankiw says: One problem is that many kinds of wealth have no market valuation.

The makeup artist Jackie Aina advocates for viewers with skin tones like her own — helping them navigate luxury cosmetics counters, drugstore aisles, subscription boxes and “a sea full of brands trying to capitalize off the ‘inclusivity movement’”

This is language more typically used by presidents to refer to hostile foreign governments or terrorist groups.

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Trump met for an hour with Harvey Levin, of TMZ, in a session that wasn't listed on the president’s public schedule.

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AMC movie theaters are entering the streaming era with an on-demand service

Beware any text messages that tell you that voting hours or locations have changed, that new forms of voter ID are required, or that your voter registration is not valid.